Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Destination: ASIA'S WORLD CITY HONG KONG ( Day 1 & 2 )

Last November 16 to 19, my sister and I went on a mini vacation trip to Hong Kong. We were bored and wanted to eat good Hong Kong dim sum lol ( I kid ). Anyhoo here's my photo diary of what we did on this trip.

Day 01

 It was a 2:50 pm flight and we were supposed to arrived in Hong Kong at 5:10 pm but as usual, Pal was delayed. We arrived around 7ish. (-_-)

 After dropping our luggage at the hotel, we headed to Olympian City for dinner.

 Yehey! NO long lines at Tim Ho Wan!!!

 After dinner we strolled around the mall to check out stores but most of them were already closed.

They have Pull and Bear!!!

Went back to TST and called it a night.

Day 02

Got breakfast from Welcome.

 Shopped a bit at H&M in Silvercord. This is the Isabel Marant for H&M collection. Everything was so shiny!!!

 For lunch we headed to Causeway Bay.

 First time to try Universal Noodle or Butao Ramen and it was awesome!

 Checked out the cute Christmas theme at Time Square.

 Visited Cotton On for sale items :D

 and we also checked out Forever 21.

 Around 5, we went to IKEA for some snacks.

 a box of Swedish Meatballs

 and a container of cream puffs all for myself!

 At night we went to Langham Place in Mongkok.

 Dropped by H&M again and

 Monkl! I super love this shop! They have a lot of cool stuff at affordable prices!

We had Ebeneezer's for dinner. It was delicious!

To be continued...

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. lovely photos just like your name ;) and cute mu with the reindeer ^_^~ twins, lolz ~

  2. The Christmas display is beautiful! :) You and your sister are so lucky to visit with all the Christmas stuff up!
    Just a question: what hotel/s do you recommend when in HK? thank you :)

    1. We are. This is a very nice time to visit hong kong because they really make an effort to set up all those cute decorations! Hmmm... there's holiday inn and prince hotel! :D

  3. Nice blog! Love reading all your posts especially your travels abroad.
    How to go to olympian city from tst? Thanks.

    1. We took the bus from tst to olympian city. Let me ask again whats the number of the bus we took! :D


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