Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Spa Wellness


Good day my darling readers! Funny how things turn out sometimes. I was having a not so good week when suddenly I received an email saying they want to sponsor me a spa trip at The Spa. I was like, are they serious or is this just a sham? Upon responding, I found out it was a legit offer and the coincidental part was lately, I was thinking of booking an appointment at The Spa to cheer me up! My family and I have always been loyal clients of The Spa. Whenever we have free time, my mom and I would go to The Fort branch and have a relaxing afternoon spa treatment. I was pretty ecstatic with the offer and of course I gladly accepted it! Due to my busy schedule, I had to rebook a couple of times. On my third re booking, I told them I'll just cancel since I am causing too much inconvenience and would gladly just blog one of my future visits since I'm really about to go to The Spa sometime soon. They patiently worked with my schedule and finally it happened last week! Hooray!!! It was actually my first time to try their services at Shangri-la Mall so here's my photo diary of it!

Upon entry, I was greeted with friendly faces and was asked if I had any appointment. When I took pictures of the facade, all the receptionists vacated their positions. They were all so shy! :D

Unfortunately, I was a bit in a hurry that afternoon so when I was told my spa session was going to take 2 hours and 45 minutes, I asked if it can be shorten which they quickly accommodated. Two masseuses will simultaneously do their massages so it will now only take 2 hours for the entire spa treatment.

I had the Refreshing Start Treatment which is a head-to-toe package treatment composed of Aroma Facial/Aroma Scalp and Shoulder Massage + a 60 min Classic Massage ( Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue or Combination ) + Foot Care Service.

I chose the Shoulder Massage here.

And I chose the Peppermint Foot Scrub here.

I was led to my own suite! Let the relaxation begin! <3

How lovely the wall accent is!

The SPOTLESS bathroom near the reception area.

Just love how fancy the silver candle holders look there..

Got my own soft bed, jacuzzi and shower.

I'm very anal about cleanliness. Not a strand of hair or dust were found in the room.

Before my treatment started, I was given a cup of hot ginger tea ( salabat ) and a mug of cold water to enjoy. The staff asked if I wanted to use the jacuzzi first to which I sadly declined because of my bad schedule. :( Sayang, I know!!!

After finishing my tea, I changed into this fluffy robe and called for the massage to start.

Ahhh... this was very nice...

15 minutes later, I was off to dreamland... ZzzzZZzzzzz

When my spa treatments were over, I was slightly nudge by the masseuse saying both of them are done and that I can just go out whenever I'm ready. I would have slept the entire afternoon away but was finally woken up with a phone call. Time for me to leave...

I was given a fresh batch of hot ginger tea and a mug of cold water again!

Thank you Ate Rose! Hanapin kita on my next visit! She has light fingers so I really enjoyed her massage.

This was a very nice afternoon experience and would have been a perfect one if only I had time to enjoy everything at my own leisure. Giving someone like your parents or other love ones a day at The Spa this holiday season would be a top notch gift! Heck, you might even want to gift yourself with this just because you know you deserve one. It's a bit pricey but I'm telling you it's so worth it. You don't have to pay extra to those 5 star hotel spa services because The Spa is definitely on a par with them at a lesser price tag.

Refreshing Start Package is available in all The Spa Wellness in Alabang, Eastwood, Greenbelt, Rockwell, The Fort, Trinoma and Shangri-la Mall for only Php 1950 (Deluxe), Php 2150 (Executive) or Php 3000 (Suite/Villa).  

For inquiries at The Spa Wellness Shangri-la Plaza, contact them at 656-7878/ 656-6868 or email at The Spa Wellness Shangri-la is at 6F Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, Edsa cor. Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City. Visit for more details.

The Spa also wants to sponsor YOU the same experience I had with them! WOOOHOOO to the nth level!!! 

I'll make the mechanics as easy as possible!

1. Like The Spa Facebook page here.
2. Follow The Spa Twitter account here or add them up on Instagram @thespa1996
3. Just answer this question at my comment section: Why do you deserve to get a free spa treatment at The Spa? Leave your name and email address also. I'll pick a winner on December 1, 2013 at 12:00 am!  
(Please note that prize must be claimed within 1 month after winner has been announced)


Thank you so much The Spa. See you guys on my next visit!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Good evening achi!

    Wow! The Spa Wellness is truly something to look forward to :)

    Kicking off those stressful days and rewarding yourself with a relaxing and rejuvinating treat!

    I saw your post in instagram about this a few days ago and was wondering what your experience was and now, here it is!!!

    I was really hyped up when i saw this articleand even got more excited at the end.

    I had thought of going there with my bffs during the semester break but wasnt able to do so because we saw how expensive it was.

    Its not exactly budget wise for us to spend this big for r&r. Our mother's would kill us!!! Better to save up and invest in our med books they said…

    Well, that's true, but still… who wouldny want to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment after all the stress, sleepless nights, aching backs and stiff necks, worried thoughts, everyday in medschool... even just for once, i want to experience it.

    After all the articles ive read, the reviews i havr viewed, the pictures, the good comments, the website descripton, everybit of detail is so alluring that makes me want to go there!!!!

    If given the chance of winning, i would let my mom experience it. Basing on the reviews, it might be possible to somewhat ease her back pain and just let her relax and take her mind of stressfull thoughts.
    I love mom, i want to see her happy and worry free. And this might be one of those solutions thatcould do the trick. A perfect christmas gift this season!

    Kung sa advertisements and reviews bumenta n asaakin, i hope during the actual experience she would enjoy it she needs this more than i do, when thinking about all the things she had gone through to nuture, raise and love us. She deserve it!

    Side comment: and maybe just maybe, she might allow me to have a go at it also!

    Thank you achi for making this lovely article :)

    Jhoanna Seline Tcheng

  2. Hi Ms. Lovely Tan!!!

    I would have to say that I have been a fan of the SPA for the longest time. I started enjoying their services a year or so ago usually from their Trinoma or Eastwood branches.

    If possible, I would like to join this contest of yours.

    I believe I deserve such a treat because I need it badly! I know it is kind of selfish and brutally honest but pampering myself has been a rarity nowadays. Since my work has asked me to turn night into day, I, rarely have the chance to enjoy The Spa's services. Furthermore, with all the Christmas shopping and traffic hassles, I definitely want and need a special me time.

    What makes The Spa one of the best in this industry?

    I believe that The Spa treats their customers with the utmost respect and dignity that they offer their best in making everyone relaxed. They make it a point to always live up to their name and anticipate the needs of their customers and facilitate everything one would need. From reservations to on site service and even after care, they certainly do everything!

    Aside from the treatments, their facilities are world class and squeky clean. As a neat freak myself, I always check out the place before getting or availing a spa's services. Believe it or not, The Spa is one of the cleanest and well maintained spa around.

    From what I understand, they recently opened their Shang branch. Because of this, I would really love to try out their newest addition to the family

    Hope I get the chance to try them out :D

    Have a great day!


    Done: liked on FB and followed them up on twitter (@mr_mismo)
    Name: Enrique del Rosario Jr
    Email :

  3. I deserve to win a spa treatment because I've been religiously going to the gym for 2 months now and my muscles are stiff and tired from all the heavy lifting of weights.
    The muscles need some deep tissue massage to get relaxed and ready again for some more weight lifting! :)

    Jan Karen Ku

  4. Hi Ms. Lovely,

    I've been reading and back-reading and re-reading your blog posts for months now. hehe (a little buttering up won't hurt ;p) before i say why I deserve a free spa treatment, and if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you something that has been bugging me since I first read your blog... HOW DO YOU STAY THIN DESPITE EATING A LOT??? (i'm so envious hahaha)

    Anyways, I think I deserve a free spa treatment because well I haven't had a spa treatment in my life (I know, Lame), so i think I deserve to feel pampered hehe My sister and I have actually contemplated trying out the Spa for the past few months but since its quite expensive, we were undecided as to whether it was worth it (but after seeing your post, I think it will be). If ever I win, I will share this experience with my sister (we'll just split the cost of her spa treatment hehe).

    Thanks so much for your wonderful posts, especially the food and shopping haul posts, they're my favorite! Keep writing :)
    I wish you more motivation and inspiration to blog :)

    Deanne Dy

  5. Hi Lovely,

    Being an avid reader of your blog I'll just go straight with answering your question. Haha. Next time na ang ibang fan girl comments ko. :)

    I think that I deserve to get a free treatment at The Spa because for the longest time I have been very busy doing a lot of tasks all at the same time. Although it can be hard to juggle family responsibilities, demands of a culinary student and a part time business person I'm still able to do them perfectly. But as a result I have risked my health, Sometimes I would get sick all of a sudden and I have this long time pain in my right leg. (maybe due to standing longs hours at the kitchen and me being overweight) This pain in my leg have been a predicament of mine for a long time already. :(

    I've been wanting to have a massage but time won't permit and also due to financial constraints. Ikaw na maging ina, syempre mas uunahin mo na ang anak mo kesa sa sarile mo. hehe

    I know that to have this treatment in The Spa will help lessen the pain I feel and will also rejuvenate my exhausted body. For sure it'll be my charger as I feel low bat already and I don't want to feel low bat anymore because I want to be fully energized for my daughter.

    Thank you Lovely.

    Chesca Labaro

  6. Hello,

    I am happy get to read your blogspot. I am now on my 25th week of pregnancy since I am only staying at home preggy and a wife meaning no extra income coming in, I am so greatful found this blog because if ever I get to win, the prize will be given immediately to my well-deserve husband. He has been a good provider and a husband to me and I know soon to our baby-to-be. All throughout his life, all he knows are giving to others and I think with this sweet gesture by means me joining this contest is surely meant alot to him but winning is totally a different story - imagine, having him to experience the things that I just read - must say, he's definitely a lucky man! Its not only me whose going to celebrate if ever we win but now will be joining by our baby that is still inside my tummy. :)

    Parisia Bohol

  7. well, i'm kinda shame to admit that I haven't tried going to a spa, for one, i easily get ticklish, one time i had a massage from one massage parlor near our place, I got so ticklish and laughed almost the entire time! I've been working so hard this past year and I'm hoping somebody or someone would bless me with a spa treatment, well I'll try not to laugh so much when I get to have a massage lol!

    Jen Sta. Ana

  8. Hello! I'd like to join your contest "Why do you deserve to get a free spa treatment at The Spa?"

    I came across your blog because I was Googling for a "wish-list" item for our Christmas exchange gift at the office, and all I really want is a spa experience this holiday season because I haven't had a massage for almost 4 years already! From the time i got preggers with my daughter, up to now (she's turning three in a few weeks!), a day or even a few hours of pampering, is still just a mere fantasy for me. Every day is hectic but fulfilling for me as I wear different hats -- that of a mommy, wife, daughter, full-time corporate career woman, and bar review student (I'll be taking the 2014 Bar examinations). A lot of priorities come way on top of spending time and money on myself. It will be a truly divine experience if i'll get to go to The Spa for a moment of tranquility, relaxation and bliss. :)

    Already liked The Spa on Facebook and followed them on Twitter.

    Pick me please!! :)

    Agnes Santiago

  9. Hi!

    Being the eldest and breadwinner in my family, I am always, always expected to be on top of everything! Groceries, bills, the welfare of our parents, church duties and the schedule of a full-time job, it just takes a toll on my well-being. Ngarag at stress talaga ako! Having me-time is already a luxury to me. That's why I am proud to say that I truly deserve this heavenly relaxation! At least for once I could put myself first. Please choose me!

    By the way, sana umabot pa entry ako. The countdown shows I still have 5 hours to join.)

    Thank you Lovely!

    JB Estacio
    heybreetaylor [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. The contest is now official over! Thank you to all of you guys who have joined this mini contest. :D

  11. I admire your thoughts and your way of expressing and putting it in front of readers is really something that I have seen after a long time. We need more writers like you.

  12. Hello Lovely!
    Very nice review of the Spa. Question though, is it required to get a room? Or is it included in the package?

    Thanks :)

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