Monday, May 14, 2012

Macau Shopping Haul

Good day everyone!

How was your weekend? Hope everyone had a great one!

I would like to greet my mommy and your mommies a Happy Mother's Day!

These are the things I got in Macau.

Stuff I got from Sasa:

Hair Velcro. I've already used these twice and these are NOT really good to use. It does not hold on to my hair.

I was suppose to get the Tsubaki Shampoo and matching conditioner but all I found was this, the conditioner. I've used almost half of it. It smells good and makes my hair softer.

Clothes I got from Sun Star City Mall:

If you are wondering why I got these thick jumpers now that it's summer time, it's because they were on sale!

Things I got from Daiso:

More bath powders! I just love how the scent stays on my skin after every use.

Sticker foams for my scrapbook.

Soft rag for my beloved camera.

Hoarding sponges. I use these to apply my sunblock and foundation.

*Everything is only MOP14 each. That's about Php75 each!

Gifts by Auntie C:

She bought these at the Victoria's Secret Store located in The Venetian Macau. I love them specially the neon yellow top!

Additional things I got from C!tySuper Hong Kong:

These are the hair bun makers I was talking about. The donut shape is perfect for short hair but since I have extremely long ones, my bun looks messy when I tried it.

Hair curler. Perfect to bring when traveling.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. I LOVE daiso!
    It's interesting that the Japanese things sell well in Macu. I don't think Daiso would do very well in the UK!

    1. Hi Laura! thanks for dropping by. Why is that? Daiso sells a lot of cute and cheap stuff.

    2. i lovelove daiso, too! recently made a trip to the one and only daiso here and i was so tempted to buy EVERYTHING. :O had to remind myself that i was leaving soon and there'd be no point. lol.

    3. haha! it's alright Sgrmse! you can bring those items with you when you leave!

  2. Ate inwas just about to post my hauls too but i was in Batangas to visit my husband so i didn't get the chance to. We bought 2 things in common. Hair velcro and the donut bun maker :) i found a way to put it on my hair without it looking messy. Maybe i'll show you through my next post :)

    1. Hello Mimi! Wow! Post your shopping hauls I wanna see! And yes please! do a tutorial maybe I am doing the hair bun wrong? :D

  3. p/s: if it's one good thing i get to take away from my whole time+experience of being here and doing this, i am now a PRO at tying buns and using all these bun accessories! there is actually a really easy way to make the bun neat(er) using the donut. you just have to gather and twist all the remainder hair around it then use a big ruffle band/hair-tie.

    p/p/s: sorry for the double commenting!! :#

    1. Can you please teach me Sgrmse? Pretty please??? :D Do a picture by picture tutorial because I'm slow in learning things :P

  4. Ah I love to look at your shopping hauls! It's always good to do winter shopping in summer. I'd love to buy sponges in such amount somewhere... Gotta look around:)

    1. We think the same! I do that too! getting winter stuff during summer! :D You don't have Japanese or American drug stores there?


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