Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Promenade Restaurant at Amari Watergate Bangkok, Thailand

The main reason ( aside from good location ) why we love to stay at Amari Watergate Bangkok is because of the free breakfast buffet served at The Promenade Restaurant.

Since a lot of Westerners visit Bangkok, the buffet they serve caters to most of these people.

I just found out Arabians love to eat string beans for breakfast. COOL!

They have Aloo Paratha or Potato Paratha which I love and ate a lot when I was in India! Also, different kinds of Chutneys, Curries, and Picked Vegetables are served here.

The American Station.

The Japanese Station. I like that they serve Miso Soup! I had a bowl of that everyday to warm my tummy early in the morning.

Breads and Pastries Section.

Cold Cuts and Salad Section.

Fresh Fruits Section.

Egg Omelet and Pancake Station.

Cereals and Yogurt Station.

The Juice Station.

The only negative is they close exactly at 10:30 am. So to lazy late wakers like myself, I had to drag myself up just to eat these scrumptious breakfast buffet which is also our lunch. So this was our brunch meal ( nagtitipid! ).

What I ate the second and third day since I was not able to wake up on time on the first :

I'm a person of habit or maybe I'm just a picky eater. I like to eat the same food over and over.

What KD had:

Do not disturb while eating! :D

Day 2 

Day 3. We woke up around 10:15 so we just changed our pajamas and hurriedly went down for breakfast.

PS. I'm going to Macau later at noon! Yehey!!! But don't worry my sweet readers I'll still be blogging from there.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. oooh string beans are so delicious... Indian food is too :) Enjoy your time


    1. Thanks Mik! I did enjoy my super short vacation there! :D

  2. Fantastic! I can imagine what I'd have! Love it!

  3. been here tonight, nice share

    1. Really??? how'd you like it? Post pictures please! <3


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