Friday, May 18, 2012

Bibingkinitan, SM Manila + Mary Grace, Robinsons Place Manila

Last Friday my sister asked me to accompany her to go to the supermarket at SM Manila. While she was busy shopping for food and diapers, I was busy finding merienda ( snacks ) because it was 3:30 in the afternoon. This one caught my attention..

We ordered two first to taste if the rice cakes were any good. The staff then got two from the oven next to uncooked batches of Bibingkas. I felt excited upon seeing that because I thought she was giving us freshly baked cakes.

Boy, we felt surprised upon tasting them. They were just warm and had slight Mamon-ish texture. Since I am from Angeles City, I am accustomed to eating Bibingkang Galapong which are rice cakes made from grinded sticky rice. The Bibingkinitan Bibingkas are made from just FLOUR! NOOOO!!!! They were not good!

We decided to go to another mall to find merienda. Mary Grace was our top choice!

I had a Mary Grace Cheese Roll and a cup of Tsoknut ( chocolate and hazelnut ) Hot Chocolate. The server confidently suggested that we have our breads grilled because they would taste better. I was expecting grill marks on my bread because he said it will be grilled but it came out just like this. Maybe he was suggesting the bread to be TOASTED?! Hmm...

The companion had the famous Mary Grace Ensaymada and a cup of Hot Chocolate plain. He also had his bread "grilled". We both love our orders because the saltiness of the cheese breads complimented the sweetness of the chocolate from our drinks! Ahh... Yummyyy!

After a hearty snack and we felt really full, we decided to relax our tummies by pampering ourselves with manicure + pedicure at the Beauty Bar. This is the LIFE.....

Have A Lovely Day!

at SM Manila, outside SM Supermarket, near the food court

Mary Grace
2nd level, (Front of Robinsons Department Stores)
Tel: 666-3135  


  1. You have a beautiful life dear Tan:) But you always make me hungry! I'd kill for a cheesebread now:D Oh and after your last post I was googling for "nata de coco" which I thought we don't have in Poland but there is ONE yogurt based dessert in Poland which has nata de coco as one of the ingredients and I love it :D

    1. nata de coco is our local term for coconut jelly. so you had one?? pls post!!! :D

  2. i honestly envy your amazing metabolism! (: you eat anything and still stay skinny! (:

    1. Barb B Cue i am not skinny. believe me. That's just my SKINNY ANGLE shot :P

  3. Looks like you had a great day! Cute blog!

    1. Thanks Sara! Hope you have a beautiful day as well! :D


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