Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hong Kong Shopping Haul

Good morning everyone!

Here are the few places we went to because we only had one day to spend in Hong Kong.

Our first stop was Silvercord Mall for H&M shopping then we had lunch at Din Tai Fung.

After lunch, we went straight to Harbour City The Gateway Mall.

These are my favorite must go to shops:

I usually stay here for at least half an hour browsing through all my favorite Japanese magazines. But since we only had a day to spend, I just grabbed my favorite PopSister, ViVi, and VoCe Magazines to go.

Next is C!ty'Super for hard to find Japanese make up and other beauty stuff.

We wouldn't miss not going to Uniqlo for basic tops and awesome t-shirts. Currently they have Japanese brand logo and Marvel cartoon prints on shirts.

This is the shop I always go to but never bought a single thing. All of their stuff are extremely cute but exceedingly expensive. Anyhoo, I still love to go in, take a look, and go out empty handed. :D

Before going back to Macau, we always have snacks at Panash Bakery & Cafe. We tried other bakeshops before but we keep on coming back to this delicious Japanese Bakeshop around 3 pm. Why is that you ask? Because that's the time the Hokkaido Bread is released from the kitchen. The Hokkaido Bread is the second picture from the right. It's sweet but not too sweet. It tastes like soft Mamon. I also took home a couple of those white chocolate covered Almond Twist Danish.

Here are some of the things I got from C!ty'Super:

Hot bath salts.

Bed Head Tigi Ego Boost Split End Mender. My long hair has a lot of split ends! :(

I've been using this Canmake pencil liner for two years now. So far it's the best liner for me.

I bought a hair bun maker. I also got a box of hair pins to be used with that.

I got 01 Marshmallow Pink. Hopefully it's a good color because we were in a hurry to leave, I didn't have time to swatch it anymore.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Oh so awesome! I need to go makeup shopping too.. How great would it be to shop in Hong Kong!

    1. That would be SUPER great Kasia! Hong Kong sells these make up the cheapest!

  2. SO jealous of your shopping trip!
    I wonder how much a ticket from Japan to Macau is?!

    1. hmm... you can get promo flights from JAL? :D

  3. Hi! May I ask if the bed head ego boost split end mender is good to use? I was looking for reviews and it brought me here! :)

    1. Hi Serene Lee! Hmm... In my opinion, I'm not really WOWed by this product. Did it really stop my split ends? Nope. I can still see a few every time i checked. I think this product even made my hair to be a little sticky so I stopped using it a couple of weeks ago.


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