Thursday, May 31, 2012

Midnight Mercato Central

Good day everyone!

I've forever been wanting to go back to Mercato Centrale because of THIS!!!!!!!!

And these Takoyaki Balls.

And for the Mozzarella Cheesesticks ( I was going to order a juicy burger but this was our last stop. We had already ordered a lot from other booths so I had to settled for the cheese sticks ) ..

And this Shawarma Pita...

And all of these:

Quek Quek ( quail eggs ) balls and a couple of the pork barbeques.

First time to try this. I got the coffee flavor. The outer layer of the mochi had a lot of flour. The ice cream filling had a tiny amount of ice, kinda like when the ice cream gets defrosted a tiny amount of water from it turns ice. Therefore, my conclusion is Mochi Creme is still the best.

All of the people manning this place were giving out free samples. We tried some and bought some!

The companion tried Manang's Chicken for the first time. He said it was ok. He added the twice fried chickens were very garlicky.

A summary of what we had:

We got to the venue around 9 to 9:30 pm and we were able to start eating. Before going home, we got a couple of bottles from this booth.

The Strawberry Iced Tea and Buko Pandan Juice were pretty amazing!

Have A Lovely Day!

Midnight Mercato Centrale
34th Street and 8th Avenue ( Across MC Home Depot )
Friday and Saturday from 10:00pm to 3:00am
Also, Mercato Centrale in the morning is still open 7am to 2pm.


  1. the juices look good. but if i were there i probably wouldn't get them. haha...

    1. Haha. They have lots of yummy and fattening cakes pa! Your favorite!

  2. omg! this looks amazing, i want to go to the philippines and eat hereeee

  3. such an awesome place to visit.. hope to go to Asia one day

  4. dangggg, i really wish i had the chance to sample more street food that one and only time i ever visited manila. hopefully one day i'll get the opportunity to visit again and i'll be taking notes with me this time ;D (all based on your recommendations of course!) hope your trip to the states is going wonderful. can't wait to hear all about your discoveries and sight-sees when you're back xxo

    1. Sanfo is super cold S! I'm loving everything here! Cant wait to show you the places i've visited

  5. I am thinking about booking a summer holiday....Manilla looks like a good choice!
    Whats the weather like there in late July/August?

    1. It will be raining and super hot! Rainy meaning flooded streets etc. please do come and visit! : )

  6. i tried the drinks in the bottle. super not ok. only the melon was good the others weren't.

    1. Sarap kaya! Actually ung melon juice lang ung never ko pa na try! When did you go?


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