Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MAC Cosmetics: Chatterbox

I got this baby during my trip to Guam November of last year. I was suppose to get the famous Mac Pink Nouveau but upon trying it, it didn't look good on my lips. So here is my short review of what I consider my HG ( Holy Grail ) pink lipstick, the Mac Chatterbox.

What color is it : Creamy, warm toned, has a shiny pink finish. 

Price : This is the only lipstick I paid exactly $14 dollars ( Guam is duty-free )!

What I think about it : Out of all the Mac lipstick finishes, Amplified is my favorite. Aside from it is EXTREMELY pigmented and quite opaque, you do not need to put lip balm on your lips before applying because it is very creamy and not at all drying. Mac Chatterbox is warm based in color so every girl of all skin types can wear it.

I applied this before lunch time and after dinner ( 4 hours later ) when I checked my face, I still had a good pink stain on my lips.

The bright Barbie pink color would definitely make the wearer stand out!

Will I repurchase this : Over and over again

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. the shade is gorgeous! you look like a doll with them on!! ^_^~

  2. oooh! nice pink shade! my mom just gave me Russian Red! and I'm soooo in love with it!

  3. lovely colour! suits you wonderful! as for MAC, today I fell in love with their concealer (studio sculpt) - my friend gave me a sample and I'm definitely buying it once I have some spare money... :)

    1. I actually use mac studio finish concealer for my eye bags! :D get one soon!

  4. That's such a pretty pink! :)


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