Saturday, August 11, 2012

Taipei City Mall ( Taipei Underground Market )

To my traveler friends out there who has an extra day or two to spend in Taipei, I suggest for you to go to Taipei Railway Station and get yourselves lost there. The place is definitely for food lovers and to my fellow shopaholics/ bargain hunters!

*Photo Heavy*

From Wikipedia: It is about 825 meters long, and has 28 exits/entrances, 14 each on the north and south sides. It is connected with Taipei Main Station of the Taipei Metro, Taipei Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration, and the Shin Kong Life Tower. At the west end of the market is the future Beimen Station (currently not accessible). There are a total of 187 shops in the market.

The first floor underground consists of shops, while the second floor underground is a parking lot. The mall is divided up into 3 main sections: clothing, electronics, and food.

To my blogger friends Mik and Caise, the underground mall also has Hands Tailung!

The huge food court with quirky interiors.

This is Muji To Go and not just Muji. It means it's the little version of the normal Muji store.

Taipei Station Lobby

I think they have Y1 to Y14 on both North and South sides? The shops found here are selling cheaper items.

The shops found here are more expensive but nothing over the top.

The cute Eslite Stationery Store! I stayed here for more than 10 minutes just looking around, checking out the cute stuff without buying anything. ( Yes, I am poor and currently on a shopping ban )

When we felt parched, we got cups of freshly squeezed orange juice from this bakery.

The place is very attentive to details. They have a place for nursing moms.

Lots of small cafes' to choose from when you get hungry. If you have time and do not want to tour outdoor places because of the hot weather, why not spend the entire day at the Taipei City Mall?

Have A Lovely Day!

Taipei City Mall / Taipei Railway Station
No. 49, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan


  1. amazing pictures, you look like a model :) the architecture of it is very interesting!

    1. Kasia! you are pulling my leg! I wasnt even wearing any make up there so i look so pale and sickly? :D Ohh yeah you might be interested in the achitecture! just wikipedia the place for more info!

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  4. That food court looks fun...the whole mall looks fun.

    1. Yup! Whenever Taipei's weather become super hot, locals and tourists love to spend time at the huge malls so this is one of them.

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