Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fu Ba Wang Chu Tsiao, Taipei

For today's lunch we had stewed pig's feet! I love pig's intestines and some other parts but I'm not a fan of pig's feet. It is because all that's edible are just the skin and fat.

From Wikipedia: ló·-bah-pn̄g (滷肉飯, lǔròu fàn) - minced, cubed, or ground fatty pork, stewed in soy sauce and spices, then served on rice.

We woke up early because we have to be in the restaurant before 12 or else we will have to wait for more than 30 minutes to get a table. Ordering is very easy ( if you know how to speak Chinese, if not then don't bother going to this restaurant without an interpreter ). Choose which part of pig's feet you like ( front part or back part ). You can order additional soup, appetizers, and rice with your stewed feet.

We got to the place at 11:30 and we had to wait for approximately 20 minutes to be tabled with another group.

We got two bowls of rice with chunks of pork's feet ( lu rou fan ) because I wasn't a fan. I just had half a bowl with Auntie Christine. The top bowl is stewed bamboo shoots. It was tasty.

We also got two plates of Lou Rou Fan and  a plate of sauteed water spinach with garlic.

Two blocks of stewed tofu and two eggs ( I've already eaten one egg. ).

Two cups of pork and bamboo shoot soups. I was able to finished a bowl.

Surprisingly, they had a very tidy kitchen where they cooked all those feet.

I believe this is the name of the restaurant and the very short menu they offer.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. because of you (or thanks to you) I want to live in Asia! just for eat :)


  2. Replies
    1. It's delicious ( the sauce ) but I really didn't appreciate the jelly texture of the pig's skin.

  3. 滷肉飯 looks very haochi :-)

  4. I really want some of that food! It looks so much better than the ones here in the U.S.!

    I follow you now!

    Could you follow me?

    1. Really? I find that food in US are better than here? :D
      Sure Mindy! Following you!

  5. looks super delish!! I love lu rou fan but only with the sauce and tiny chunks of lean meat. I often gave the fat/skin part to my brother because I am not a fan too. hehe =)

    1. ME TOO! I was looking for the lean meat but I guess all they offer are the feet part parts ( if that makes any sense ) :D

  6. stewed feet or stewed pork knuckle?


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