Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Taiwan Shopping Haul + Gifts

Happy Wednesday everyone!

To people who are anticipating what I got from Taipei, well... I didn't actually shop much.

Not by my usual standards anyway. LOL.

Things I got:

 Choc Magazine and Vivi Magazine for my baby sister.

I got this cute stockings at Ximending for only NT$100. I'm now regretting why I only got a pair.

Acne patches for my baby sister. She always asks me to buy her boxes of this whenever I go to Hong Kong. I bought this from Watson for NT$90 each.

While going down to the ground floor after our fantastic dinner at Hong Hua in Taipei 101, I passed by Zara and decided to check it 15 minutes before they were closing. Boy was I surprised! They were on sale and almost all the items they have there are not found here in Manila ( I checked last Sunday grrr! ). Sadly I was only able to grabbed two things before the staff said they were going to lock the doors. I got this gorgeous pair of heels for about NT$1200.

This pleather skirt was only NT$690!

I also bought a lot of different flavored chips from Welcome which some I gave away, some I ate, and some just disappeared. We also got boxes of Mango Jelly from Jui Fen Old Street to be given away to my family and relatives.

Gifts from aunts and uncles:

Auntie Yeo Ling gave me my favorite ChiaTe Pineapple Cake.

Another aunt gave me this paper-cut book.

The book is filled with mythical Chinese bird paintings on the left side and hand-cuts of the same birds using ultra thin rice papers on the right side.

The most generous gift I got was from Auntie Sandy. She just got back from Paris and she gave me a Yayoi Kusama designed Dots Infinity GM Bracelet from LV. How awesome is that? She didn't even know my favorite color is red! Thanks again auntie!

Uncle Chris, the husband of Auntie Sandy gave me a box of delicious macaron from Pierre Herme. I find this better than Laduree? Or maybe both are same for me, both are fabulously delish!? :D

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Caise. It's not a lot but I feel good I didn't spend much :D

  2. bessaha as we say! :) I love gifts!

  3. pierre herme and lv from a trip is awesome!


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