Friday, August 31, 2012

Outfit Post # 44

long-sleeves: H&M // leggings: CHARLOTTE RUSSE // wedge: COTTON ON

Whenever my Ama ( grandma ), mom, and aunts see me wearing shorts, skirts, or mini dresses, some would slap my legs. Others would give disapproving statements. Coming from a conservative family they still prefer all of us girls to show less skin when dressing ourselves. So every Sunday, I try my best to cover myself from shoulders to toes. I don't really like to wear jeans because of our hot weather so I thought about donning my airport outfit combo! That would be a pair of leggings and a nice loose top. This time I chose an Aztec print leggings and a thin cotton long sleeves. I tied the long sleeves ends to a knot so as not to look too frumpy. Lastly, I wore my bright blue colored high heeled wedges because height definitely gives the additional OOMPH to a lady. How do you like my conservative outfit?

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Hi dear:) We follow each other so I thought that maybe you could help me by commenting that post:, please, it's very important to me.. I'll be grateful

  2. It's beautiful! And doesn't look very conservative, rather sexy :D

    1. REALLY?? Never in my life has anyone praised me of being sexy... BUT YEHEY!! thanks Kasia :D


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