Saturday, August 25, 2012

Buzzy Bees Cafe at Rustan's, Glorietta Mall

Another Saturdate with the companion. He was feeling a bit hungry but since it will be dinner time in a couple of hours I asked if we could just wait. I didn't want to over eat because I was counting calories that week. So we decided to go kill time at one of our favorite place in Makati, the Rustan's Children's Floor. We love to check out new toys and goof around with the kids playing there.

While walking we saw this..

We've always been wanting to try this cute cafe found at a corner of the floor. The companion finally cannot contain his hunger anymore and pleaded to me to have a light snack. I wasn't planning to eat but when his orders were served, I immediately ordered food for myself too.


The companion got this dish. It was definitely not the fancy kind but I am positive children would love it because it was meaty and cheesy.


My order. The pasta was dry and burnt at the bottom.


There was not a single ounce of chicken. All we could taste was mayonnaise.

Over all, Buzzy Bees is definitely for the kids who like simple food. It serves meals similar to what club houses offer. If you are looking for a quick and cheap snack, do try this place but don't expect anything fabulous tasting.

Have A Lovely Day!

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