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Destination: YOKOSO! JAPAN (Day 02 Sanrio Puroland)

Here's my photo diary of our Tokyo Travel Day 2. We woke up late. Probably around 9:30 so we left the hotel quarter to 11. Today was Sanrio Puroland Day! As I've checked the website of this amusement park prior to our trip, I saw that the place does not have much rides but rather it has a lot of shows. If you love rides and do not appreciate cutesy adorable things then don't go to Puroland anymore. You'd surely get bored. Our hotel is located near Shinjuku Main Station so I guess it was fairly easy for us to travel to all the attractions in Tokyo. So anyway enough of my narration and let's get the show and tell started!

*Photo Heavy*

I suggest getting a Pasmo Card in train stations so that you don't have to keep on purchasing tickets like this one whenever you use the train. We weren't able to get one because well.. we got lazy so it was time consuming to keep on buying tickets going to places and returning back to our hotel. Anyway from Shinjuku Station to Sanrio Puroland it took us about 45 minutes and 2 train transfers.

My OOTD. It was raining so I wore long sleeves.

Spotted: Japanese Ladies in Pretty Kimonos

Upon reaching our destination, we were all famished so we just went in the first restaurant we saw at the train station. I think you can consider C&C Curry as a fast food place where you order using that machine outside the restaurant and simply hand over the meal ticket to the counter inside.

Both my baby sister and I got Cheese Hamburg Curry Rice, my mom got Fish Curry Rice while my dad had Chicken Curry Rice.

After our quick lunch we spotted Baskin & Robbins at the side so we all grabbed ice cream cups.

Wherever you are in Tokyo, if you want to go to Sanrio Puroland, you have to transport yourselves to Tama-Center Station using the Keio Line in the metro. If you get lost just ask locals. Japanese are extremely nice and helpful people. We asked random locals 99% of the time and the 1% was when we trusted our instincts and got lost. lol.

Sanrio Puroland is not exactly outside the station. You have to walk a bit further. You'd passed by a lot of stores...

and this Taito Station Arcade where you can see a lot of awesome UFO Catchers!

We wanted to try this but there was not enough time.


Ticket costs Y4400 per person. Simply check the official website I linked above for operation hours because it varies everyday.

TIP: We only paid Y4100 each because we printed the PASSPORT DISCOUNT COUPON found on the website.

The website says it has 8 shows and 1 boat ride. We were only able to watch 4 shows and tried the Sanrio Character Boat Ride twice.

Sanrio Character Boat Ride

Had picture with the lovely Hello Kitty.

Believe Show

Hello Kitty in Wonderland Show

Candy Factory Store

Jewelpet Kita & Deco The Musical Show

Even the bathroom looks so adorable!

Purikura time!

My Melody & The Legend of Star and Flower Show

Inside the Huge Tree House you can find this Bell Of Happiness.

I rang it 3 times for extra happiness. :D

Rin was so disappointed because the only reason she went to Sanrio Puroland was to see the Sanriotown which is I guess the house of Hello Kitty. Sadly it will open on July 24.

Before leaving, we had our shopping fix at the Festival Plaza located near the entrance of the park.

Before heading back to our hotel, we passed by Lumine mall inside the train station at Shinjuku. We got fresh sushis, sashimis and fruits to munch on.

We also got a couple of those yummy Japanese pastries that look good and taste even better!

At 8:30 in the evening, Rin and I were both not still tired so we decided to check another nearby mall Takashimaya. It's about a 10 minutes walk from our hotel.

Of course we went straight to Tokyo Hands at the 3rd floor to haul makeups and other beauty products.

We had midnight snacks of Donuts from Krispy Kreme before retiring to bed.

To be continued...

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Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Great review! Made me want to go to Japan even more. BTW, was the Sanrio land worth it? Especially if were more used to interactive rides/shows like Disney and Universal?

    1. HI Eric! Thank you! :D

      Uhmm.. We find it worth it just because we like cute stuff. Sanrio Puroland would be perfect for children ages 10 and below. There's only one ride available which is the boat ride and the rest are all shows. By the way, shows are all in Japanese so we really didn't understand a thing but nonetheless the performance was awesome! If you have limited amount of days probably just skip this cause you are used to rides. Go to disneyland for a day and disneysea for another day. Universal Japan is located in Osaka. That's about 3 hours bullet ride from Tokyo. Sanrio Puroland and the 2 Disneys are in Tokyo.

  2. Hello, Lovely! Those are splendid photos! I also checked out the first Japan entry that you have.

    It's really one of the countries I've wanted to visit. Never been out of the country... yet. I particularly want to go to Akihabara and Shibuya. And maybe Roppongi? Anyway, it would be grand to actually see their cherry blossoms festival.

    By the way, I just came across your blog from somewhere. Cheers!

    ~ Jakey Junkie (

    1. Hi Jakey Junkie. Thank you. I try my best to take interesting photos. You know what, we actually went to Akihabara and Shibuya! I will definitely blog them on my tokyo travel series so kindly wait for them :D I agree, it would be awesome to see the Hanami or cherry blossoms but that happens during may or june? And I heard that it only happens for 2 weeks and it varies every year when the cherry blossoms would show up.

      Thank you for the kind comment and thanks for dropping by!

    2. Hah, that's grand! Akiba particularly reminds me first of Densha Otoko. :D


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