Friday, July 19, 2013

Destination: YOKOSO! JAPAN (Day 05 Tsukiji Market, Pokemon Center, Akihabara and Sunshine City)

Good morning everyone! After playing at Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on our first few days in Japan, we are now up to sightseeing of awesome places. On our 5th day, we decided to have breakfast at Tsukiji Market. I've read blogs that if you go there around lunch time, rest assure you will be waiting for a long time to eat at one of those tiny restaurants surrounding the famous market. You can see this beautiful traditional Japanese mural in Tsukiji Station.

*Picture Heavy*

We walked past the famous market which at 9:30 am was totally empty.

We planned on having brunch at Sushi Dai because according to polls I've read, it's the best of the best. But sadly, Sushi Dai already has at least a 3 hour waiting period line.

The second best restaurant according to polls is Daiwa which has probably the same waiting period as Sushi Dai so forget it. My parents can't wait that long because both were extremely hungry.

We just queued for the restaurant between the two famous places and surprisingly, this sushi restaurant only had about a 30 minute waiting period.

My dad was so hungry he walked around and got our favorite Tamago Roll.

They didn't taste sweet as I was expecting Japanese egg rolls to be, but rather they tasted weird.

We walked around the block to look for other restaurant alternatives and we found this place!

The restaurant's board menu caught our attention so we switched here and fell in line.

20 minutes later we were seated! HOORAYYY!!!!

Everyone was given this free shrimp broth miso soup.

My dad had a Sakura Set for Y3,600. It includes 13 Assorted Nigiri, 1/2 Makimono and 1 free Nigiri of your choice.  I know it's a bit expensive but I swear it was totally worth it! The sushis were all fresh and you don't even need to put wasabi on them anymore because the sushi master prepares it on how it should be eaten.

I got the Salmon Set for Y1800 which includes 8 Salmon Nigiri and one free Nigiri of your choice. YUMMY!

Rin had this Tuna Salmon-don for Y1800.

Next stop was the Pokemon Center! You have to go to JR Hamamatsucho Station, about 2 minutes walk from the North Exit. If you get lost just ask the information personnel inside the train station.

After an overload of Pokemon cuteness, we headed to Akihabara Electric Town. You will see a lot of Japanese game advertised around the station.

The famous Maid's Cafe.

You'll see a lot of arcade buildings scattered all around Akihabara. We went inside Sega.

We got a lot of plushies from tons of Dream Catchers!

I was able to get this nice collectible with the help of this person! WEEE!!!

High tech arcade game machines!

More plushies!

Our last stop for today was Sunshine City located in Ikebukuro. Sunshine City is Tokyo's first city within the city!

I've researched that this was one of the best shopping areas in Tokyo.

We had a fantastic dinner of Ramen and Soba.

Shopping time!

Before going home, we grabbed delicious crepes here.

To be continued...

Have A Lovely Day!

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  1. Oh, here we are! I was wondering if you were able to pass by Akiba. HAHA. My dream place. Video games and gadgets and otaku stuff just everywhere.

    And, maid cafe. :)


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