Saturday, February 18, 2012

Outfit Post # 10 + Daiso Shopping

I went shopping again yesterday.

Whenever we go shopping, we don't like to wait on each other. We go on our separate ways and determine a specific time to meet on a specific place before going to dinner. This was our meeting spot. The fountain is located at the front of Senado Square. 

Here is the direction to Daiso which I never missed not going to whenever I am in Macau.

Walk straight towards the yellow church. To people who like Giordano or Baleno, those shops here are always on sale.

When you see this yellow church, go inside and say a little prayer. Maybe even light a candle. After, head to the exit and turn right. Keep walking.

You can see a lot of these on corners of sidewalks, feel free to check them out. The clothes they sell are cheaper because they're not paying for store rent.

Keep walking until you see this tiny mall on the left side of the road. Daiso is on basement level 1 and level 2.

Everything at Daiso is priced at MOP14 or unless stated otherwise.

Cute earmuffs for winter and fuzzy socks to keep your feet warm at night.

They have rows and rows of Japanese make ups. I have never tried one yet because I have sensitive skin. ( ARTE! ) I get acne easily. :(

They have a lot of different kinds of stationary items, gifts, and seasonal.

Super cute kawaii accessories.

Lots of health and beauty items.

They also have kitchen items, household items, hardware items, toys, home decors, and a whole lot more. A mini supermarket of purely food items is located on the basement level 2. For more info about Daiso, kindly click this

What I got:

What I wore:

jumper: H&M // maxi skirt: ZARA // bag: H&M // boots: MANGO

My one and only picture because nobody wanted to get my outfit photo that day (GRRR!). I wish KD was with me, she's the only person who would gladly take my outfit shots...

Have A Lovely Day!


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