Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outfit Post # 11

Yesterday, we went hotel hopping.

We went to MGM first to pick up something. 

 Then headed to Venetian Hotel to have lunch.


There was a crowd taking photos of this living statue. We just threw in 20 bucks for his cool effort and was about to leave when he suddenly moved and grabbed me to his little stage. ( Scared the poop out of me! )

Everyone starting clicking their cameras. ( I got extremely embarrassed and red as a tomato.)

Lucky him he got a photo with me! :P

knit dress: H&M // bag: H&M // boots: MANGO // socks: H&M

It was super cold! What I wore was not enough so we had to go back and get a coat. Anyway we will be going to Hong Kong tomorrow! WOOHOO!

I wore the pink rose hair clip. I got them at this little store near the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. They were on sale. If you buy one it will cost you MOP 90 but if you get two they will charge you MOP 110 only.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. so pretty!! i love the addition of the clip :) gosh i want to go to macau!!

    1. Achi Fran, wait till you see my food posts, you'd definitely want to be here asap!


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