Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Destination: HONG KONG & MACAU (Part 1)

Lately, whenever I go to Hong Kong and Macau, all I do are shop, eat, and have some beautiful R&R.

So, I searched my old files to find out how I toured these two places before. 

The time was 2008. It was my second time to go to Macau but my first time to tour it with friends.

*photo heavy*

From the Hong Kong airport, there are a lot of ways to go to the city. If you want the luxury of going there privately in your own car, then you may hire a taxi or a limousine service which you can book at the airport. There's also the express train which cost HKD180 round-trip, is the fastest way to go ( less than 30mins to reach the city ). We took the Citybus. It was less expensive than the train but took longer time to reach the city ( about an hour depending on the location you want to go ) , about HKD45 one-way.

Day 01 - Outside City Garden Hotel in Fortress Hill. We stayed here because at that time it was the cheapest we could find. The hotel was also clean and safe.

Dinner and a little shopping at Causeway Bay. Whenever I travel with my parents, we love to stay at Park Lane or Excelsior Hotel located here. A lot of good malls are in this area.

Day 02 - Breakfast at Ocean Empire ( congee place )

Went back to the hotel, packed all our stuffs and went to the ferry station.

From the Macau Ferry Terminal, find the bus of the hotel you are checked-in at. The bus rides are free.

We stayed at The Venetian hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. We only paid MOP 650+ a night because we used a friend's employee's rate. ( Sadly, he does not work there anymore. )

The room was huge. There were two double beds and one folding sofa bed. Approximately 6 people can stay in one room comfortably.

We ate most of our dinners here because we didn't really know where to dine during that time.

Spent the rest of the day walking around The Venetian Hotel.

Day 03 - Went to Macau tower to have lunch at 360 Cafe'.

Note: Blurred the guy's face on a request.

After lunch we decided to relax our tummies by going to the viewing deck to have some fresh air and see how high we were.

During 2008, Macau Tower was said to be "The World's Highest Bungee Jump Facility." I am not sure if that is still applicable now.

It was raining hard, windy, and refrigerator cold when my crazy friend Jemmalyn W. said "Lets jump off the Macau tower now!"

Our two good friends were not crazy enough to do it so they settled in just doing the Skywalk X.

I told Jemmalyn W. "I am not ready to die yet."

So instead of doing the Bungy Jump, we signed for the SkyJump. What is the difference you asked? Well bungy jump is jumping head first and the harnesses are tied on both ankles. SkyJump is jumping feet first and the harnesses are tied on the body.

8  seconds of pure adrenaline rush.

After, we went to Senado Square to see the famous Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral. ( front view )

Only to find out the Ruins was just a facade of a church. ( rear view )

Near the Ruins is the Museum of Macau. You can go there by simply walking. I love going to museums to see old pieces of jewelries and

to see old period clothing.

The phones are audio guides of the articles seen there.

 Senado Square at night.

Had dinner at this noodle and congee place near Senado but the restaurant is closed now.

We ended the day by hotel hopping ( Wynn's for the fountain show and Hotel Lisboa for the automatic WC and Jades ) before going back to our hotel.

To be continued..

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. i die to go to Macau one day, i fell in love with the place after a tv show. Enjoy your travels a lot! Besos.

    1. Hope you can go there soon and see how exciting and relaxing the place is Ana G!

  2. I've been only to the inside of Venetian Casino :)
    the hotel looks grandio├║s!

    I miss HK & Macau, especially the food haha
    We can't call it vacation if there's no shopping and eating right!


    1. Of course!! There are a lot of new casino/hotels being built and opening now.

  3. wow what a great trip, your hotel room looks great!!!

    xx Daisy

    -> MY BLOG <-

  4. The hotel room is sooooooo cool!! these pictures make me want to visit Hong kong!!


  5. P:S I wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog with Bloglovin because GFC is being shut down in March.


    1. I am new at this. How do I join Bloglovin?

  6. hey darling! i'm back in blogosphere! you really had to mention about me being crazy?? haha. call me!

    1. You are the creator of almost everything crazy I have done in my entire life! LOVE IT! <3


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