Friday, February 17, 2012

Outfit Post # 9

Yesterday, I just spent the entire day shopping walking at Senado Square.

Cerejeira is one of my favorite stores to go to whenever I am in Macau. It sells Japan's top fashion brands such as Liz Lisa.

This was the last shot I took inside the store because the lady guard told me not to take pictures ( boo!). I love looking at the clothes and sometimes trying them on. These cost a fortune! But its alright, I don't think I can pull off Lolita fashion anyway ( I have no guts to wear them in Manila! ). :D

What I wore:

necklace: LAIA

denim jacket: TERRANOVA // bodycon dress: H&M // bag: H&M // boots: MANGO

Whenever I travel, I always bring neutral colored shoes and bag so they will match my entire wardrobe for the trip.

Another is you can see I am not an accessory wearer type of person. It's just that I don't like my neck or my arms to feel heavy. If I do wear one, it means I like it much to endure the extra weight. I commissioned a friend to do this necklace. You can wear it with basic tops to dressier dresses. This necklace gave my outfit the EXTRA OOMPH! 

Have A Lovely Day!


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