Friday, February 10, 2012

Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph

Greetings to my lovely readers! 

We were at Power Plant Mall having the usual Friday night date.

When suddenly, we were craving for cupcakes! Cupcakes are beautiful sweet things which make us feel alright and the world a better place to live in. ( GO POSITIVITY! )

Anyway, we stroll and stroll scrutinizing each stall selling what we were looking for (there were more than 5 different stalls selling baked goods). ( Try repeating this sentence 5 times.. :D )

When this caught our attention...

Why did we pick this?

Well aside from the yummilicous looking cupcakes and good looking people manning here, the sellers were eager to give us free samples. Meaning they were actually confident their cupcakes tasted perfect. I like that.

Here are the different kinds of cupcakes they sell:

We got a box of 4.

We decided to nosh these at home because we got them when it was already time to watched Chronicles, and I wanted to give my full attention when savoring these sweet treats. We got Chocotella, Whipped Caramel, Red Velvet, and The Diplomat.

Our verdict:
Me: I eat nutella everyday so this is just perfect for me.
KD: I couldn't taste the nutella. Perhaps it's because I don't eat much of it, but this chocolate cupcake is not too sweet so it's still good.

Whipped Caramel
Me: I like this best out of the four. It tasted buttery with a tiny hint of saltiness.
KD: Not too sweet but I couldn't taste the saltiness of the caramel.

Red Velvet
Me: The cake itself is a bit dry but when eaten with the cream cheese frosting, it made the cupcake tastes fantastic.
KD: I agree. I prefer the red velvet filled in with cream cheese rather than frosted on top.

The Diplomat
Me: Chocolate lovers would go GAGA for this. Chocolate cake filled with creamy chocolate goo.
KD: My favorite out of the four!

Me: I feel so full and hyper from all the sugar we just ate.
KD: I'm going home to sleep!

The End.

Have A Lovely Day!

Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph
0917 533 5527


  1. ohmyyyy. cupcakes are my absolute fave!! i'm no longer writing on blogger, dear. just thought i'd let you know. xo

    1. Hi M! NOOO!!! But we just met? :(

      I saw your post yesterday and it made me sad... Maybe you can just update every now and then?

  2. small world! Klar is my colleague :) she's part of the Yummy Mag team :) i love all 4 flavors mentioned above

    1. WOW!! cool! ang small world. I thought klar joseph is a guy nga. yun pala girl! SUPER COOL!! :D

  3. velvet... -DROOLING-

  4. Wow, Nutella cupcakes? Sign me up! Those look amazing.


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