Saturday, March 03, 2012


Last part of the 2008 trip.
*photo heavy*

Day 06- It was Ocean Park day. This is the amusement park for grown-ups. Though there are a lot of kiddie rides here, more are for adults. Here are some of the rides opened during 2008. Currently, a lot more additional rides are there. To know more about Ocean Park Hong Kong, click this.

This was so much fun! Bouncing like a ball...

Screaming her lungs out!

Hoping this cute frog turns into a handsome prince??!

Don't forget to check out the cute Pandas and Red Fox.

Cable car ride from the Waterfront to the Summit.

Lunch of Roasted Duck and Barbeque Pork with Rice at Boardwalk Cafe'.

Talking Tree at Lowland Gardens

Pink Flamingos at Tai Shue Wan!

The Abyss ride was so much fun we took it twice!

Look at those funny faces. Cracks me up whenever I see this picture.

The Dragon. This ride has three loops. Only for the brave. We tried it once, after, we went home.

Day 07- Eunice T.'s birthday. We woke up early and got her this cake from a nearby bakeshop.

 The cake became our yummy breakfast.

Off to Disneyland for us after. For more information about Disneyland Hong Kong click this.

Upon arriving at Disneyland, go to the Parkwide Guest Service and get a schedule of today's shows. Plan your schedule so you can watch all the amazing shows.

If Ocean Park are for grown-ups then Disneyland are for kids and the kids at heart. Most of the rides are tame but recently they added new exciting ones.

The place is a wonderful photo op.


My lunch dessert. Cute Mickey shaped pudding.

With the entire gang.

Parade starts at 3:30pm and the evening fireworks starts at 8:00pm

The Golden Mickeys. They do the show in Cantonese but have English translation on the side screens.

Pictures with the characters. So cute!

Outside the newly opened "It's A Small World" ride.

Day 08- Went back to Manila.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. The giant frog has to me my favorite. Looks like it was fun!


  2. i REALLYREALLY wanna visit hong kong (and def ocean park!) properly someday. also, i LOVE that your name is lovely!! :D :D a little jealous, even. it's super pretty and unique!

    my bandmate and i didn't make it through to the finals but we had fun onstage nonetheless. would've been awesome making it through but i don't know... for whatever reason, we weren't chosen. so yeahhh. oh, i haven't forgotten about your asking me where i'm going.. all will be revealed in due time lol ;P i'm a little bit of a pain that way.. too superstitious about silly things. (sorry :#)

    when i was visiting Disneyland, "It's A Small World" was under renovation :(( how sad.

    1. oh and about tea with the prime minister.. i didn't really get the chance to ask him questions. the seating arrangements were awful! D:

  3. Wow, those pics are awesome! It looks like you had such a good time, and I totally expected it to be busier than what it looks like in your photos. Not to mention that all of you girls are so pretty too.

    Yumyum, that cake looks delicious ~ my stomach is rumbling right now even as I think about it! :P

    Yishi x

    1. actually in my opinion, cakes from Hong Kong or China are beautiful to look at but arent really tasty? I prefer Japanese or French cakes in terms of taste.


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