Sunday, May 05, 2013

Destination: AMAZING THAILAND (Day 03)

On our third day, my mom and I woke up late, shopped and ate tons of food. We had a great mom-daughter bonding time together.

Check out the fun things we did!

Pathumwan Princess Hotel breakfast buffet.

After breakfast, my dad went to the convention while me and my mom took a taxi ride to Indra Square.

Right across Indra Regent Hotel is this money changer place. The owners are a Chinese couple and I always exchange my USD to Baht at this place. They give the best rates!

Indra Regent Hotel is connect to Indra Mall

Three hours later, we moved to Platinum Mall.

We had lunch at the food court.

Around 5 pm we went back to the hotel. Had afternoon snacks at the Club Lounge.

Since we were too lazy to go out for dinner, we had buffet dinner at the Citi Bistro again.

One top day we had!

To be continued..

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Have A Lovely Day!


  1. I have been reading your blog for almost a year now, and I still can't figure out where you put all the stuff you eat! :)

    1. Hi Jerell! Anuh bah! Hindi lang halata ung mga fats ko sa bilbil :D

  2. why do you always stay so skinny and still get to eat all these awesome food while I always get fatter everyday just by reading your blog???!lolz I get hungry kasi everytime I visit your blog ^_~

    1. Hi Janet! I'm back! Well sa pictures siguro kaya dayain sa angles ung mga dapat itago. lol


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