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Destination: YOKOSO! JAPAN (Day 03 Tokyo Disneyland)

Good morning my dear readers! Sorting more than 2,500 photos is a very tedious mission so pardon me if it took so long to update the next series of my Tokyo Travel adventure. So here we are on our 3rd day in Japan. We decided to go see the two Disney Parks first rather than sight-see other places in Tokyo so as not to crowd with other visitors on the weekend. My parents do not like amusement parks so they decided to just roam around Shinjuku and Ginza's shopping malls. I posted more than 80 pictures here so I hope you guys won't be bored or get tired of scrolling down. lol.

*Picture Heavy*

My baby sister and I consciously started our day LATE. We woke up around 10am and left our hotel a little more than past 11. We have checked Tokyo Disneyland's website that the park will open at 9 am and close at 10 in the evening. The resort's schedule varies everyday so do make sure to check it first before going. We decided to go there late because we planned on staying until 10 in the evening to see the nighttime parade. I will advice you guys NOT to do the same mistake as we did! You should go there as early as possible. Will explain further below.

From Shinjuku main station, travel time to Tokyo Disneyland is about an hour. There are 17 stations and 2 train transfers we had to do. We traveled for an hour and a half because as usual, we got lost. So wherever you are you have to transport yourselves to Maihama Station JR Keiyo Line .

At Tokyo Main Station

We reached Tokyo Disneyland close to 1pm. I suggest planning your schedule ahead on what you would like to do more inside the themed park. If you want to focus more on the rides then be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes for each one of them or if you want to see more shows then take mental notes where the shows are located and what time they start. Of course, also be flexible because chances are the plans you want to do will definitely not be entirely feasible.

Weather was pleasantly hot.

There are a total of 7 attractions inside the park. The World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown and Tomorrowland. You'll definitely start with World Bazaar (shopping area) located at the entrance, from here you can go clockwise to Aventureland or counter clockwise to Tomorrowland.

Look at the ticket lines. One of the hundred reasons why you should still go early despite it's a weekday or it's still off-season.

We got the 2 day passport for Y10,700 or about Php4,670. Pricey but to Disneyland lovers like us, it was totally worth it!

Upon arrival we were both starving. So we got some water first from one of the vendors. They don't have the normal water but they offer flavored bottled waters. I got this orange flavor one.

We did a counter clockwise start of the park. We went to Tomorrowland first and queued up for Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!. We thought the queue was short because there were like 2 lines of people outside the ride but boy were we wrong. Upon entering we saw this. Total waiting time was about 45 minutes.

Rin and I were both irritably hungry so instead of our planned lunch at Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall which I've researched prior to our trip serves delicious food with an incredibly wonderful ambiance, we just ate at one of the less nice food court we saw nearest us which was the Pan Galactic Pizza Port.

Food was just ok...

I was excited to ride Space Mountain which was the main reason why we did Tomorrowland first but lucky me, it was closed that day.

TIP:  Most of the major rides have fastpasses. At 2pm every one of them was already taken out except for one. The disney personnel told us most rides' fastpasses are gone by 12pm. The time slot we got was already for 8:30 in the evening! Yikes!

We wanted to try this but the waiting time was for 1 hour.

On our way to the next attraction, we saw the Daytime Parade "Happiness is Here".


Goofey's Paint n' Play House

Donald's Boat

Chip n' Dale's Treehouse

Gadget's Go Coaster

Minnie's House

We wanted to visit Mikey's House because the real Mickey was there but we had to be flexible and not do it anymore because the queue was for 2 hours.

At Fantasyland.

It's A Small World. Waiting time was about 10 minutes.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey. Waiting time was about 30 minutes.

Alice's Tea Party. We didn't ride this.

At last we found the Queen of Heart's Banquet. We agreed on having dinner here instead.

Castle Carousel. We didn't ride this.

Haunted Mansion. 1 and a half hour waiting period.

The ride was like Realto ( Enchanted Kingdom ) but in a haunted house version and it's in 4D.

Passed by the Day Parade again.

One Man's Dream II Show

A must see!

Minnie Oh! Minnie Show


Western River Railroad. Waiting time was about 15 minutes.

After the train ride we raced back to Cinderella's Castle to get good seats for the Nighttime Parade.

Inside Cinderalla's Fairy Tale Hall.

Nightime Parade "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights".

What a spectacular parade!

We remembered our fastpasses ride at Tomorrowland.

At 9:15 in the evening, the waiting time for this ride was more than 2 hours. Thank goodness we had fastpasses.

We walked back to Fantasyland to have dinner at Queen of Heart's Banquet but it already closed at 9 pm. :(

We were both tired and decided to just grab food at the metro rail station when we saw this on our way out.

Before leaving Tokyo Disneyland, we shopped a little at World Bazaar.

TIP: Always do your souvenir shopping last because you don't want to be carrying all those stuff while walking around the themed park the entire day. You'd definitely feel annoyed carrying those when you are tired.

Our feet died but we went home very happy.

To be continued...

Have A Lovely Day!


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