Monday, November 25, 2013

Verandah at Baguio Country Club

We had dinner at the Verandah for the next 2 nights we stayed at Baguio Country Club. We had no choice but to eat here because we had a lot of consumables to finish. Anyway, the food was alright because they served Japanese food from Hamada Restaurant. Hamada Restaurant is the Japanese teppanyaki-style restaurant located at the back part of BCC. We used to see the president P-Noy here a lot of times before.

The buffet spread:

There weren't much choices.

Some of the plates I had:

I didn't have rice that night so I was able to eat lots of Shrimp Tempura and Sauteed Vegetables.

Another one of my plates. I eat fiesta style whenever we have buffets. Pardon me for my messy plate. :D

I only had these 3 cakes for dessert. Promise! :D

Have A Lovely Day!

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