Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Destination: AMAZING THAILAND (Day 02)

Continuation of our Bangkok trip..
*photo heavy*

Day 2

We planned on waking up early the next day but alas I woke up late. I was not able to have my favorite breakfast buffet. Bummer! KD on the other hand woke up extremely early. Like 6:30 am early (@_@). She was able to packed her previous day's buys, ate breakfast alone, and surf the net till 12:30 pm.

We took a tuktuk ride going to Big C Supercenter to get food pasalubongs. You can actually walk ( a 15 min. walk ) from our hotel to Big C but since it was scorching hot, we HAD to take a ride.

Tip: Of all the money changers we've been to, the best rate we got was from the money changer located inside this mall/supermarket, Big C. The typical exchange rate is for every $100 is to THB3050 to THB3060. But the money changer stall with orange logo found here exchanges toTHB3070.

KD hoarding packs and packs of Nestea Thai Iced Tea. Big C Supercenter is like SM supermarket where you can find everything related to food.

Outside we found this cool Ronald McDonald statue doing the "Sawadee Ka" hand gesture.

Just across Big C Supercenter is the huge Central World Mall.

You can find a lot of shrines all over Bangkok. Feel free to make some offerings and a little prayer.

My mom's favorite store, the uber cute Cath Kidston!

There are a lot of clothing stores found inside the mall. Both high and low end. There's also a huge Forever21 store here to all F21 fanatics out there! :P

Manila now has Naraya but still you can buy those cute cloth purses cheapest in Thailand.

I got dizzy hungry around 1:30 pm since I haven't eaten anything the entire morning so off to Central Food Hall.

We kept seeing this Ootoya Kitchen elsewhere so we decided to give it a try.

KD had Pork Curry Set with Thai Iced Tea for THB160.

I had the Pork Katsudon Set with Pepsi for THB 170. Apparently, Pepsi is far more popular than Coke in Bangkok.

After lunch, we strolled a bit in the mall and left for Platinum. We had merienda at Baskin-Robbins found at the entrance of the mall. I do not understand why we don't have this ice cream shop in Manila anymore! Jamoca Almond Fudge is truly a weakness of mine.

By 6 in the evening, we decided to check out Indra Mall. On the way there from Platinum Mall by foot, you will pass by a lot of sidewalk bazaars. Please do check them out for cheap finds.

This is the Indra Regent Hotel and beside it is the Indra Mall. We used to stay here a lot because the hotel accommodation is quite cheap.

We finally bought plastic trolleys in Indra. The luggage we brought were so full we couldn't close them anymore! You can find a lot of trendy and cheap clothes here. Remember to always bargain for prices.

We went home around 7:30 pm and retired early because we wanted to go to Chatuchak the next day. We were watching a movie here.

At 9:30 we felt hungry so we just grabbed a quick dinner at McDonald's located across our hotel. I had a Pork Burger and Pepsi while KD had a Deluxe Burger and Thai Iced Tea.

After wolfing down our burgers and just munching on left over fries, I noticed the paper place mats used.

Me: KD! Did you know you just ate a 300 calorie burger? When you finish that entire box of fries, that's another 330 calories! Cool!
KD: ( looking weirdly at me, dropped her half eaten fries ) Let's go home!

To be continued...

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Have A Lovely Day!

Big C SuperCenter
97/11 Rajdamri Road Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
Tel: +66 (0) 2655 0666
Opening Hours: 8:30am to 11:00pm

Central World Mall
Ratchaprasong Intersection, opposite Gaysorn and Erawan
Tel: +66 (0) 2647000
Opening Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Indra Square
Rajprarop Road, Bangkok, Thailand 77110
Opening Hours: 10:30am to 9:00pm


  1. ahhh~ I miss BKK so much!! I went there like 4 years ago and I love everything there. Those picture really brings back the memory...^_^~ Haha, the last convo is pretty funny! good thing we don't have that chart in the phils orelse...well, I think I still won't care! haha..=)

    1. You should go back there Janet! Yeah! My friend KD is super funny! natawa talaga ako when suddenly she just dropped the fries she was holding. lol. Dapat meron tayo ganyan para we girls can control what we eat from those fastfoods :D


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