Thursday, April 26, 2012

Destination: AMAZING THAILAND (Day 03)

 Continuation of our food and shopping trip in Bangkok.
*photo heavy*

Day 3

 It was Chatuchak Weekend Market Day! We woke up early, had a beautiful breakfast which I will blog separately. After, we asked for directions on how to go to BTS skytrain station. We were contemplating hiring a cab but when we found out they will charge us 300baht we backed out. From our hotel which was the Amari Watergate Bangkok, we passed a lot of malls. The first mall we saw that has a bridge connecting to the skytrain was Gaysorn Plaza.  KD was hesitant to go inside because she was pulling our trolley. Anyhoo, since we couldn't bear the heat anymore, we had no choice but to passed through it to get to the skytrain station.

The Chitlom Station.

Chatuchak Market is located in Mo Chit. The number next to the train stops are prices you have to pay. Be prepared to bring coins because only one or two machines accept paper notes.

There's a mountain of stairs you have to climb to reach the actual train. So be sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and not carrying anything heavy.

Upon reaching Mo Chit Station, just follow all the foreigners you are with because surely everyone of them is going to the market. Look at those long lines of taxis and tourist vans!

Entrance of Chatuchak Market.

A lot of food, sweets, drinks, fruits and other vendors are lounging everywhere.

This is one of the many holes to the 15,000 covered booths.

There were no air conditioners and the pathways were extremely narrow. Everyone was sweating like pigs! We also arm rubbed with other sweaty people. EWW!

Here are some of the things you can see inside. Cheap clothes, accessories, home decors...

There are pet stalls selling animal clothing, beds, food, chains, toys, and even real puppies.

After an hour of walking, we couldn't take the heat anymore and agreed to go back to our hotel. While walking back to the main entrance using a different way, KD saw this place. The stores were selling stuff for decoupaging.

One can design those blank baskets by decoupaging the printed tissues on them.

Upon returning to Chitlom, we went inside Siam Paragon to cool ourselves and have tea drinks.

Of course we did not miss a photo op at the pretty Zen area located in the ground floor.

Off to Platinum Mall again to shop till we drop.

To be continued...

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Have A Lovely Day!

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Address: Payolhothin Road


  1. Holy cow!! I should've blogged about my thailand trip already! Riding the BTS is more expensive! We took a metered cab to chatuchak for just 80 bucks with a little traffic. The bts costs 70 bucks! So going with a cab is still more worth it...

    1. The taxi driver wanted us to pay 300 baht and since it was a sunday when we went to chatuchak it was super traffic. So we took the train nalang. : )

  2. :'( I see that u're enjoying your trip! I envy you!

    1. No need to envy. You are living in a country I DREAM about going one day Shahrzad!!! :D

  3. so awesome! I wish I could go so far away one day :)


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