Thursday, June 21, 2012

Destination: USA (Des Moines)

Continuation of my USA travel diary..
*photo heavy*

Now let me share with you our third USA destination: Des Moines, Iowa.

I was extra excited with this specific location because I've never read it on blogs or heard anyone travel there. We had two days and two nights to see what breathtaking sights Des Moines has to offer.


all I saw was the airport and the views around it (-_-)

Here's what happened...

Woke up early again to catch the 9:12 flight to Minneapolis ( the stopover because there's no direct flight to Des Moines ) then the 3:05 pm flight to Iowa. 

We had a nice breakfast at this super cute dinette first.

POPCHIPS! These are the new IT chips in US. Never fried so it's healthy and never baked so it's full of flavor. Yumm!

At Minneapolis/ St Paul International Airport. We hopped on this cart to bring us to our boarding gate since we only had less than 30minutes before the next flight.

St Paul is also the headquarter of Delta Airlines so the place is extremely big. If only we had a bigger pocket of time to spent, I would have loved to see all the cool shops there.

It also has a huge food court.

But all we were allowed to have were snacks from this vending machine.

Now on to the scary part of this story. Our airplane was only a 44-seater! Since it was our first time to board something like that, my mom kept praying the rosary all through 1 hour and 10 minutes ride.  

Upon arriving at Des Moines, these two greeted us.

5 minutes away from the airport was our home for the next two days.

Hotel facade was quite impressive.

Our room was not. Actually, it was spotless clean so it was still alright for us.

The culprit, I was burning up with fever. My plans on seeing the city and going to the water parks went kaput!

For the next two days I just slept and watched TV.

But I guess that did me a lot of good in preparation for the last leg of our trip- Los Angeles, California. That circled part is the airport. So it was like I traveled 2285 kilometers just to see the airport. :D

To be continued.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Oh no! That's such a bummer! Hope you're feeling better soon so you can enjoy the rest of your travels.

    1. I sure did! But it was a waste of time and moolah going to Des Moines and doing nothing! :P

  2. Oh poor you! I hope next trips will be more fortunate!

    1. THanks Kasia. Yup, wait for the next travel entry! Lots of surprises!

  3. that's too bad! that happened to me too recently. I got sick during a vacation. it was such a bummer. and oh! is it really that scary? the plane ride? poor mommy!

    you've been travelling ever since bangkok ha! kainggit!

    1. Nyeh! Kasama ko family ko when we went to USA. haha. and the downside of traveling often is I'm broke now! :P


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