Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Destination: USA (Las Vegas)

Continuation of our 2 weeks USA Trip..
*photo heavy*

We woke up 5:30 am because we had to catch the 8:45 am flight to Vegas. Funny sign we saw before boarding.

Virgin America is by far the COOLEST plane I've ever seen! The flying time from San Francisco to Las Vegas is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was able to watch one episode of Real Housewives of New York. It's one of my guilty pleasures. ( I just love Ramona! ) lol.

$5.00 for a cart?! We didn't want to spend but had to because we brought 3 big luggage and 3 carry-on bags.

We went straight to The Buffet located at Wynn Las Vegas to have a nice buffet lunch.

After, we proceeded to The Signature at MGM Grand to check-in. Since we woke up extremely early, we took a short nap before heading out again.

We had dinner at the famous Pink's at Planet Hollywood. While eating we saw these two fellows walking. I just had to chase and take a photo with Bert and Ernie!!!

To people who do not gamble, my suggestion is to book as many shows as you can. We were extremely excited to see Celine Dion perform at Caesars Palace but sadly her next performance was on June 6. We only stayed in Vegas till June 6 morning. Bummer. Anyway, we booked the Blue Man Group show at The Venetian. It was fun, amusing, and super silly to watch. Perfect for me and my sister!

We were about to hail a cab to go back to our hotel when a couple of retirees just approached and gave us their one day Monorail passes! The mister said they were about to leave Vegas and wouldn't use their rail passes anymore. Cool beans, we saved on cab fare!

The next day was shopping day! Just so you know, Nevada's tax rate is the lowest in the nation! Another important note is if you guys are really going to shop a lot, you should definitely get the VIP Coupon Book ( $5 ) from Information to get additional discounts from the outlet stores. For example some stores offer a $10 rebate for every $50 purchase.

We had breakfast at the food court located inside the vicinity before we started our shopping expedition.

Our all time favorite store Charlotte Russe was there! We got a lot of inexpensive items from CR.

By 1:30 pm we had lunch at Makino buffet also located inside the vicinity.

Then we shopped some more to the point we could no longer hold our shopping bags. :P ( Mind you, there were a lot of sale items! )

By 5 pm we left Las Vegas Premium Outlets and went to Fogo De Chao for dinner.

On our third day, we decided to spend it at Fashion Show Mall. We had lunch at the food court. There's a HUGE Forever 21 store located inside the mall but I have computed the prices of clothes in US plus tax would come out the same as the prices here in Manila. We therefore did not get a lot of items from F21 and just shopped at other stores not found in Phil.

We saw Jinky Pacquiao ( wife of Manny Pacquiao the famous boxer ) and entourage eating at Panda Express!!! How cool is that?!

Another favorite store of ours, Wet Seal!

By 5:30 pm we had to leave because we booked a Las Vegas Strip Night Tour. At 7:00 pm, our ride came to fetch us! Complete with a bottle of Champagne and a trained chauffeur Norman, we toured the city in Vegas Style baby!

First stop: The famous Las Vegas Sign ( sunsets at 8 pm )

Second stop: The conservatory & botanical gardens and the dancing waters at the Fountains of Bellagio

Third stop: The Sirens of TI Treasure Island Pirate Show

Fourth stop: The Mirage volcano show

Last stop: Fremont Street Experience Light Show ( My most favorite part of the tour! )

A lot of souvenir shops, bars, and singing bands can be found here.

There were also a lot of dressed up characters roaming the street. Remember to tip them a dollar after every photo op! The Michael Jackson guy gave me the creeps!

To be continued...

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Hi lovely,

    Where did you get you Las Vegas strip night tour?

    1. I think we booked that via the concierge of our hotel :D


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