Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Destination: USA (Los Angeles Part 2)

Final entry of my USA travel diary..
*photo heavy*

We are now at Day 11 of our USA Trip. Today we went outlet shopping.

We spent the entire day at Camarillo Premium Outlets. Be sure to put on covers and sunblock because this place is super hot!

On the way home, we spotted Marshalls and quickly asked our uncle to halt for awhile and let us shop again for an hour. This was by the way around 7:30 in the evening. You can see the sun is still up and bright.

I take shopping seriously. LOL! :D Those good deals are pretty hard to spot so it requires my full attention!

Day 12. We went cherry picking. It was truly a lovely experience.

The sun was scorching hot so we really had to cover ourselves with umbrellas. We could eat as many cherries as we like at the farm. The rest that we wanted to take home we had to pay $3.50/lb. Not bad.

No US trip is complete without going to Costco.

Everything we got here was put in Balikbayan Boxes and shipped to Manila.

Snacks before going home. The food tasted more or less the same as the ones being sold at S&R. Maybe they were a little bit better because the Churros wasn't dry.

I bought my waffle maker here.

Got drugstore makeup here.

On the way home we spotted a police car chasing that SUV! SUPER DUPER COOL!

Day 13. When my aunt found out my sister and I love arts and crafts, she took us to Joann.

The place was a scrap booking haven!

I've always wanted to make my own potpourri!

My sister got so much sewing related items that she spent more than $300! AY YAYYAY!

The rest of our day was spent here at Antelope Valley Mall.

This is a very helpful tip. Receipt you get in US often has this feedback part. If you are looking for extra discount, do the survey found at the store's website using your receipt number and it'll give you a validation code after. Some offers $10 off to your next $50 purchase.

We watched Snow White and the Huntsman after dinner.

Day 14. Our second to the last day in USA. We decided to spend it at Knott's Berry Farm. Thanks again Jon for our tickets!


Day 15. We woke up late, packed all our stuff and went to the airport. Paying extra $50 for choice seats is a must to those who won't spend on business class seats! If not you'd surely get cramps.

Our dinner was really salty. Breakfast was alright, and the snacks they gave were absolutely DIVINE! I love love Sara Lee!

Going to USA was absolutely tiring ( waking up early and the jet lag ), hard work ( a month of researching where we wanted to go ), unhealthy ( I got sick when we were in Iowa ), and left me broke ( from all the shopping we did ). Upon arriving in Manila, I dreamt of leaving again for USA that same second and doing everything all over again!

The End.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Looks like such fun days (and I so agree with you about usa food, haha!) xo akiko
    Style Imported

    1. We had super fun and came back home broke! :P

  2. Ohh looks ike you have so much fun! so lucky!!


  3. omg! i wanna go shopping with you!!! (:


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