Monday, March 11, 2013

Amber Lights Laguna Soya Candle: White Tea

As you all, I'm quite addicted to scented candle. I have finished all the ones I got from Bath & Body Works when we vacationed in USA last year. Sadly, I didn't think of blogging them then. Anyway, I got this sweet candle Amber Lights Laguna from SuperSale Bazaar at the World Trade Center which happened last December. Here's my short review about it.

" Amberlights Laguna proudly presents to you  premium home fragrances. A 100% all natural, all organic and environment friendly products. We only use high grade essential oils and pure soy candles . No DPG and No Phthalate reed diffusers. All also use water base for its room & linen sprays.

12 Variants of  Premium Scented Soya Candles

6oz size could last from 24- 48 hours. 2oz from 6 to 12 hrs.
Both candle sizes could last depending on the room condition. Expected that burning soya candles could last longer when lit on an air conditioned room. "

DESCRIPTION: White Tea, thousands of years Chinese emperors and royalty have indulged in the white tea. It is only fired and dried, leaving its silver buds and select leaves fully intact-along with its delicately sweet herbal taste.

PRICE: P420 ( I got the 6 oz size. )

WHAT I THINK:  If you like the perfume Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden then you'd surely love this candle! It has the same exact scent to it. I always use this at night time when I'm reading a book or just plain relaxing. I also followed the instruction from it's website to use it when the air conditioner is on to get it's maximum fragrance. What I didn't like about the candle was it was hard to lit the wick. The scent did not fill up the room compared to the Bath and Body Works Candles I have used before. Also, if you look at the glass, the wax does not melt nicely and completely inside the container. That means I couldn't reuse the glass after the candle is gone. Right now I'm excited to try an Alice Blue Scented Candle as Amber Lights Laguna Soya Candle did not meet my expectation.

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