Tuesday, March 26, 2013

China Shopping Haul

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I'm posting all the stuff I got from my recent China Trip. As you can see it's not much because all the clothes being sold there are mostly winter items. I also got a few clothes from H&M. I wanted to get more but because of my frugality, I have computed that the prices of clothes there are the same in Hong Kong but RMB or Renminbi is times 6.57 to peso while HKD is only about 5.26 to peso. Therefore it will cost me more if I buy the same things in China rather than getting them in Hong Kong. So without further ado here's my small haul.

From Sanfu Novelty Store:

Things I got from that provincial place farther than Quanzhou:

Things I got from H&M:

Two pairs of boots I got from Exull and Daphne:

I'm totally happy with my purchases. All of the heavy sweaters goes straight to my closet to be used this coming December just in case we go somewhere cold.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. aww i should have looked for these kind of heavy sweaters when i went to china. where did you get them? i looove your boots from daphne! i saw them in your post about sanrio puroland. and i really really like your fashion too ^^ now if only i knew how to dress as well as you do~

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