Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daiso, Macau

Daiso is one of my favorite places to go to in Macau.

In fact I was there yesterday, and the day before that.

As for today, maybe I'll go back and check out some shelves I might have missed? :P

Yes, I'm truly a cheapo shopper ( got it from my mama)! I love anything on sale or everything my hard earned money can stretch to. 

Daiso is located at the basement floors of Sun Star Castle in Senado Square. It is directly across G200 store. See that angkong wearing apple green shirt? I always buy my Vivi and PopSister Magazines from his stall.

 There are 4 floors of Daiso goods! The floor plan is like a mouse maze, I love it!

Almost all the goods are priced at MOP14 or P73. Some bigger items are priced differently. This is their chart. Higher priced items have red printed stickers on them with numbers found on the left side of the poster. The equivalent value of them are found on the right side.

Here are my ninja shots of some of the shelves inside the store:

 I love these fuzzy socks. I bought like 6 pairs of those during previous trips.

Japanese munchies, drinks, candies, etc.

Pretty Japanese bowls, plates, teapots, cups, etc.

 Things for Lulu.


The store has a whole area just for Hello Kitty products.

Cute pots I was itching to buy thought I don't know how to plant anything! One will see a lot of things they don't need but would end up getting just because they are cheap and they look super neat!

My favorite bath powders!

Anyway, I did a MOP100 CHALLENGE! The rule of the game is I only get items that will total to the amount of MOP100 or P519. This challenge will be posted on my next blog entry so kindly wait for it! :D

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. ohhh nice~ I just wish we have daiso here din noh, yun ganun kalaki~ I went to Taiwan's daiso and their Daiso is 4 storey high!! tapos lahat NT39 lang!! dito naman kasi hayzzz...saizen and japan home were just too small T___T

    1. Pinakamura pala sa Taiwan. Sayang. and I agree that Saizen and Japan Home are too small. Konting items lang. Oh well.

  2. You had a shopping-filled trip!haha :)I love this four-letter word too-- SALE!


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