Friday, October 26, 2012

The Winner of My First Blog Giveaway ( UPDATED! )

28 Participants.

And we have a winner!!!

 Since I can't find a bowl anywhere, I used my charger and gadget pouch that I stole from Sofitel when we stayed there before as my makeshift raffle bag.

 and the winner is..................................



I will send you an email for further shipping details!

To all the other ladies, thank you again for joining my first ever blog giveaway!

Look what Katrina emailed me!

"Thank you so much for these!! Still working my way to fit in the lovely dress. :) i actually have the mask on my face as I'm typing. Was thinking if I should send a photo of it too...but horror ang dating. Kinda late for holloween. ;) more power to you!" - Katrina Bulseco

Have A Lovely Day!


Thanks for reading my blog. I want to know what you think!

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