Monday, October 01, 2012

Kimchi / Mojou at Genting Club, Resorts World Manila

One Saturday afternoon, before watching a movie in our favorite cinema at Resorts World Manila, the companion took me to the cafes hidden at the back of Genting Club to have lunch. I was surprised to find these two because I thought Happy 9 was the only restaurant found inside the Club. The cafes are so small that aside from the two bar areas which can seat 7 people each, they both share 6 small tables with 4 small seats for customers to use.

The two bars represent the two cafes. One for Kimchi, and one for Mojou. The menu is almost the same as Ginzadon's but the difference is that the amazing Chef Yohji cooks here while a good Filipino head chef oversees Ginzadon.( Couldn't take a photo of the entire place because cameras are prohibited in the area. )



We didn't even bother opening the menu. We just looked through the show-glass at the bar table and picked the available sashimis we wanted to eat. I got Norwegian Salmon and Tamago while the companion chose Uni.


Free soup with our meal.


We both ordered a bowl of this paper thin slices of beef cooked perfectly in sweet soy sauce topped with sunny side up egg. One serving was so big, I got to take out the remaining half which I couldn't finish anymore. The dish was still very good when I enjoyed it for dinner!

Another amazing fact about this restaurant is that it's so darn cheap! Our total bill was less than P1000.

Have A Lovely Day!

Kimchi / Mojou Genting Club
3rd Floor of Maxims Tower Resorts World Manila, Pasay City
Telephone No. 836 6815 / 908 8815


  1. oh droool!! sad thing is i believe this restaurant is not open to everyone right?

    1. Hi Achi Fran! I thought about you while the companion was eating Uni, your favorite!!! Well... yeah.. I think so. In case you want to dine at any of the genting restaurants just let me know!


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