Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Presidential Suite at Manila Marriott Hotel, Resorts World Manila

Yesterday, I organized my first ever dinner party!

It was pretty chaotic to be honest.

The party was to celebrate the birthday of the companion's dad.

I think I did poorly in arranging the food on the table.

Uncle said I did a good job daw.. :D

First, I want to show you the awesome room we threw the party at. 

  I used the huge Jacuzzi this morning and it was fabulous!

The room has a tiny kitchen beside the dining area. They have complete set of cutlery but the room does not have any stove. It only has microwave.

Party food we had:

Chicken ala King, Diok Pit He ( stuffed prawns ), Kalderetang Kambing, Pork Barbeque, Misua, Paco Salad, Buchi, Amber's Pichi Pichi

The stars of the night. Pork Sisig, Seafood Casserole, Lengua, Baked Mac from Tollhouse, and Lechon ( was not able to take a picture because everyone attacked the skin once it got to the room ).

Overall, everyone had a great time and that's all that matters.

Have A Lovely Day!

Manila Marriott Hotel
No 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City 
Complex, Pasay City Manila


  1. Wow! Nice room and it looks like you have a good time with the company and food :)

  2. I believe you planned it well achi (^u^) Cause i feel that your so organized at everything (^u^)

    The venue looks so classy and nice (^u^) Kudos to achi!

    And oh my lechon!!! No party is complete without Lechon!!! (^u^)

    1. hahaha I may look like I am organized but people say I'm not :D nyahahaa!
      Yup! Everyone ate and finished the whole pig!

  3. ` Perfectly captured pics :) I bet you really planned it well. The rooms are nice to look at, so class ..

  4. The rooms really looks nice and clean. It really seems so organized as what you had planned :). Looks so comfortable to stay a night in here..

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