Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Cafe Breton in Robinsons Place Manila

Happy Wednesday everyone! Yesterday, both my sister and I were feeling a bit gloomy. To cheer ourselves up, we headed to Robinsons Place Manila to watch The Purge because we thought it was a horror movie ( we both have this sick obsession for gruesome, heart attack inducing films ). The movie was AWESOME in a very grotesque way. It was about United States citizen living in a dystopia manner where every year the government allow the people to have a 12 hour period to steal, rape, murder or kill anyone they like. I very much recommend this film for you guys to watch! Anyhoo, after the movie we went to Cafe Breton to have something sweet to balance the trauma the movie caused us.


Banana, choco hazelnut spread, whipped cream and almonds drizzled with chocolate syrup. My forever order whenever we eat at Cafe Breton. This dessert is pretty deadly but there's no way I'm going to share this with others.


Mango, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. My sister's forever order. She ate this with gusto.

Have A Lovely Day!

Cafe Breton
Robinsons Place Manila, Midtown Wing
Adriatico Street Malate, Manila
Tel. 567 0704


  1. Ah. Rob Place. It's really a "nostalgic" mall to me. I was always there almost everyday and I saw how it transformed.

    Nice that you're also in on movies like The Purge. I myself is looking forward for The Conjuring. :)

    1. Me too!! I just actually saw Grave Encounter movie awhile ago. You NEED to see this one! Will scare the heck out of you!!!

  2. i miss robinson's place. believe it or not thats the only mall i went to when i went home for a week. (i dont count my trips to greenbelt and atc because they were for lunch and dinner. no actual shopping)

    1. I miss hanging out with you at RP! :( Depressing...


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