Friday, August 02, 2013

Tokyo Shopping Haul ( Food Edition )

Good day everyone! It FRIDAY FRIDAY!!! I can't wait to go back to the metro. I'm now posting the food items I got in Tokyo, Japan. All of these you see up here were from Narita Airport Duty Free. We pooled all our loose change and grabbed everything we fancied. Most of these were given to family and friends as gifts.

These are (L-R, T-B): cookies, cookies, savory snacks, savory snacks, strawberry mochis and rice crackers

This batch of food loot were from gift shop of Sanrio Puroland, gift shop of Tokyo Disneyland, small konbinis on street and train stations, 7/11 and FamilyMart.

These are (Clockwise) (T-B): Dark Chocolate Kitkat, Passion fruit Kitkat, Lotte Strawberry Cheesecake Balls, Lotte Chocolate Pie Balls, Crunky Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Crunky White Chocolate, Hello Kitty Cookies, Calbee Jagarico Potato Butter Flavor, Calbee Jagarico Cheese Flavor, Disneyland Cookies and Green tea Kitkat

That's it.

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Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Nice one! If given the chance, I would have packed bagfuls after bagfuls of their instant noodles... and Pocky. :D

    Thanks a lot for Little Tokyo near our place. :)

    1. Hahaha! We were tempted to get Japanese instant noodles but the parents stopped us. So I got chocolates instead. :D

  2. is japanese instant noodles also available in dutyfree's inside narita airport? we're going by the end of the month and i really love japanese instant noodles so i'm planning to buy boxes of instant noodles if possible...hope you can help me with this..thank

    1. There are some being sold at the convenience store beside the check in counter but not a lot of choices. You can grab as much noodles as you want from 7/11 and FamilyMart scattered all over the city. Also, all the malls have basement floors for food and you can also find a lot of variety of instant noodles there! :D


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