Monday, August 05, 2013

Daiso Japan Haul

This is the last of my Tokyo Shopping Haul Series. I got all of these Daiso stuff at the uber cute Pink Daiso Store in Shibuya. Although it is called a 100yen store, the actual price of the goods are 110yen or about P44. Not bad right? Saizen / Daiso products here in Manila cost P88 so I've saved a lot.

Here's my haul:

Rainbow Mat

White Picture Frames ( made of plastic )

Japanese Papers, Letter Sets and Tattoo Stickers ( for my niece )

Thick Socks ( super comfortable )

I got like 6 orange jelly cups but I already ate most of them.


Makeup sponges for my liquid foundation.

Makeup bag. I just saw the exact bag at Saizen Robinson's Place Manila.

Charcoal Cleansing Cream. I read good reviews about this.

Do check out my other hauls:

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Everything is so cute! If I ever went to Japan I would definitely bring back a major haul.

    Sex w. Candy

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!? :D You should and tag me on your post so i can see it! Thanks for dropping by my page!

  2. Ohmyyyy. I love love the letter sets. I'm always on the lookout for pretty stationery here but they're practically non-existent! Don't think anyone writes letters anymore. HOW SAD.

    Too gorge! Love the little rainbow mat. What're you using it for? (:

    1. Hi M! I know! Well, I don't really write much but I just love to collect those cute letters :D I use the mat as a background whenever I take photos of something :P Dorky dorky!

  3. what!!! That is so awesome! I sister would flip to get half of that stuff. She does swaps (and sometime me too) on a pen pal website and gets things like that sent to her! I found this fascinating.

    found u on 20sb @ welovecomments


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