Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Weekend Snacks: Bon Appetea, Potato Corner and Big Daddy's Chicken

Last week, Euni and I just thought about bowling. She suggested E-lanes Bowling and Billiards Center at Ortigas. She booked us a 7 pm time-slot. We met up earlier at Greenhills and to pass time, we decided to just sit down and eat till 7 pm. :D So we went to Shopesville to check out the little food stores there.

I was craving for something sour and the staff suggested a cup of their Iced Tea with Pearls. The drink was pretty alright. Not too sour. Still, nothing beats Serenitea's Lemon Yakult Drink for me.

As many of you may not know, I'm a Potato Corner fries addict. Got a jumbo cup of my favorite Sour Cream Fries.

Euni also got herself some fried food. She ordered some chicken chops from Big Daddy's Chicken.

She finds it a bit lacking in flavor but the chicken was fried to perfection.


I told Euni to give me some competition.

She had the proper bowling stance..

I, on the other hand

was doing my own stance...

NYEH!!! Euni got a weak 23 points!!! Her bowling ball always went to the canal. (-_-)

We munched on some stale chips and super yellowed synthetic cheese sauce while playing.

It was amazingly fun. We played a little, laughed hardest ( I was mostly laughing at her because of the poor shots. ) and truly had a great hangout time. Next time we play with the other ladies! :D

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. so now i know where paul got his talent in bowling! canal queen din ako and he's also super good! have u guys been practicing since u were kids? haha

    1. Well not really? This was probably my 3rd time or 4th time to play bowling. Hahaha! :D You have to use force kasi Achi Fran whenever you throw the bowling bowl so that it wont go to the gutter!

  2. ewe and i pala both poor in bowling!!!

    1. We shall see about that when you return! :D


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