Thursday, August 29, 2013

Destination: ASIA'S WORLD CITY HONG KONG (Day 03 Sogo, Time Square, Silvercord Mall, Broadway Circuit Cinema)

On our third day, we all accompanied my mom do her usual shopping at Sogo in Causeway Bay. My parents wake up very early, like 6am early. So by 8, they would go out and have breakfast at nearby dimsum places. Rin and I both haven't had breakfast yet and we thought about IKEA's Swedish Meatballs!

10 pieces of those bombs plus a bottle of Grapefruit juice for myself.

After, we walked around the area. Went to H&M, Forever21 and other small stores.

We also walked towards Time Square..

To see the gigantic Gandam toys.

We also got more street foods to chow on!

VLT IS THE BEST TASTING LEMON ICED TEA EVER! After spending the entire afternoon at Causeway Bay, we all went back to the hotel to rest. We booked a movie Pacific Rim to watch that night too.

Rin and I woke up late. We only had 30 minutes before the movie starts so we had a quick dinner at Food Repulic in Silvercord Mall.

She had Tteokbokki. It was super spicy.

I just had Takoyaki. It was very bland.

Another cup of FOJ to wash it all down.

I was disappointed at first because Pacific Rim was only shown in their 3D theater. I get dizzy whenever I see movies on 3D.

Hong Kong's 3D theaters are different from the ones here in Phil! The theater has D-box motion seat technology that allows viewers to "live the movie". Our seats vibrated with the sound effects! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

To be continued...

Have A Lovely Day!

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