Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Applebee's, Los Angeles

So far we have been traveling for 7 days in 3 different parts of US. We have eaten a total of 21 heavy, full of butter, and carb loaded meals ( snacks not included in the count ). By the time we got to Los Angeles to spend the remaining 7 days of our USA tour, my parents, my baby sister and I felt fat and tired. So for our first meal in LA, we have decided to have dinner at Applebee's.

My mom who is basically a RICEVORE said she wanted to eat salad for dinner. Of course, everyone else followed and ordered salad too.

When our server found out we were not local, she gave us complimentary unlimited chips and salsa. The moral lesson is don't be shy to say you are a visitor because local people tend to serve them better. :D

Bruschetta Chicken Salad $9.99, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $9.99, 
and Grilled Shrimp N Spinach Salad $10.49

We got 3 different kinds of salads to share.

French Onion Soup $3.49

I ordered a soup to go with my salad while the rest had these with their salads..

Quesadilla Burger $9.49

Cabernet Mushroom Sirloin $13.99

Chicken Fried Chicken $11.49

As for my mom, she actually ate a lot of the other meals with her salad but on her mind what she had was just salad for dinner.

Have A Lovely Day!

2321 Lincoln Highway 
East Lancaster, PA 17602
Tel. (717) 2908330


  1. hahahaha, your mom is funny! I do that also, I would order myself a mushroom soup and when the other food came I would indulge as well. But my mind has set that I've only eaten mushroom soup on the entire meal..lolz~ The salads looks delish!! I'm not a salad person because they look boring and doesn't taste good. But the salad here looks yummy and tasty! YUMS!
    Your food post ALWAYS makes me hungry! I have to remind myself not to read your blog when I'm on a diet orelse masisira sha for sure..hehe..^_~

    1. I think isang salad niya like 1k calories. So it doesnt really matter if you have salad or a full entree dahil pareho lang rin ung calorie count nila! I'm sorry for that! I try to mix my posts na hindi puro food lang

  2. Dinner looks like it was great! Hope you had a good time in LA!

    Def. following!




    1. It was! Typical American restaurants are the best!!! Thanks Allie! <3

  3. Food looks so tasty :) I'm following you now :)


    1. They all were! THanks for dropping by Blackberryfashion! <3

  4. When I went to the United States in 2009, one of the first places I ate in was also Applebee's. However, it was in Ogden, Utah. I agree with your observation about the people of the country: they are extremely friendly to visitors. I love how Americans are such open, accommodating people. One of the things that I noticed about the servings there is how generous they are. I had to acclimate my Asian stomach. Same with having a desire for rice. I empathise with your mother, there. Glad you had a fantastic time in your tour!

    Great, now, I'm hungry! Hah!

    1. Hi Maria Celina! Yes! I think I forgot to mention about the American servings of the dishes. They were HUGE! Like two of us ( Asians ) still cant finish one single dish. Thanks for dropping by! And I felt hungry looking at my own pictures too lol!

  5. ohhhhmy. goodness gracious me!! reading this post definitely brought back an aching for applebee's which was my FAVOURITE RESTAURANT in doha when i was there. T___T i wish applebee's would come to malaysia already! their desserts were BOMB.

    1. Please post it if you have pictures of Applebee's in Doha!!! :D

  6. I suddenly craved for their Spinach & Artichoke Dip! :)


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