Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Los Angeles Shopping Haul

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm trying to finish blogging everything I did in USA this week because I can't wait to start posting all the things I am currently doing now that I am back in Manila.

So, this is the last post with regards to the things I got in USA.

Here are some of the things I got at our last stop, Los Angeles:

I got this floral printed dress on clearance sale for a whopping $10!

VS Beauty Rush Radiant Blushes in Fresh Love, Dollface, and Flutter 
A couple of VS Beauty Rush Shadow Duo and a Baked Shadow
VS Beauty Rush Eyeliner in Pitch Black, Nightlight, and Cosmic Cocoa
VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Slice of heaven
VS Very Sexy Shimmering Hair and Body Spray

My most precious buy! A waffle maker from Target.

I'm planning to put this on my door.

Label tags for scrap booking. Everything from Jo-Ann.

My first ever hair curler and hair products all from Kmart.

NYC Kohl Brow / Eyeliner Pencil in 922 Dark Brown
ELF Eyeshadow Brush

from Papaya

I never planned on buying that much MAC products because I still have tons of make up which I haven't even opened yet but let me explain why I was "forced" to get those :D When I was in Macy's I saw a MAC booth with a nice looking make-up artist just fixing the place. I went up and asked her to teach me how to make the perfect smokey eyes. She did this "show and do" technique. She showed me how to do it step by step on one of my eyes then I had to do the other one. When my mom, aunt, and sister saw the finished look they all agreed I look fabulous so I therefore HAD to buy all the stuff the make-up artist used on me ( minus the eyeshadow because I just got the new ones from VS ). 

MAC Greasepaint Stick in Slick black
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in C3
MAC 239 Brush
MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation in NW20 ( When I tried to ask for another color match at another MAC store, the resident make-up artist told me my right color was NW15 so I'm a bit confused there. Can anyone enlighten me about that? )

 Two pair of shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch.

My pasalubong for my beloved baby Lulu.

VS went on sale so it was #hakotmgakapatid as much as my wallet can afford of  those yummy smelling lotions! I like Sweet Daydream best so I got 4 of that.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. would you believe it, vs is only just opening here in malaysia. years and years later... .___. sucks, to say the least because i've always loved vs perfumes and body sprays. wonderful things!! you lucky girl..! getting to shop from every nook and cranny of the world that you visit ;D

    also, your readiness to just accept (me) moves me. you have no idea what your support means to me. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. big big ♥

    1. Just lucky to have parents who love to travel as well.. I'm kinda your sister from another mother right? :D

  2. oh woooow this was really a huge haul! weren't you afraid of being overweight???
    All really good stuff though


    1. exactly! that was our top priority not to be overweight. we had to shipped our other stuff we bought! :P

  3. Whoa, girl, you really did haul it in! You bought some great stuff. Love the outfit.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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