Saturday, July 07, 2012

Fogo De Chao, Las Vegas

"Located in the Hughes Center business park, Fogo® is bringing the flavors of Southern Brazil to Las Vegas, serving the people who live, work and visit the area." 

Reception Area

Glass room where they showcase how they roast their meats & The private room where we had dinner.

Garcia, our waiter for the night. After guiding us to our table, he quickly commanded for our attention. He explained the rules in dining at Fogo De Chao. First was visiting their gourmet salad bar with over 30 items of vegetables, cured meats, cheeses, deli things, and even Brazilian side dishes. He emphasized on not to eat too much salad because we have to save a lot of room in our tummies for the main stars which are the meats! We use the circular coaster to start the meat service. To ask for more meats we just have to flip it green side up and to stop we flip it red side up. Never ever use our hands to grab the meats or else Garcia said he'll be angry. If we feel we are too full, we can just go to the corner and lie down on the carpet to relax and eat again when we are ready. After that he gave us the go signal to start eating.

 There are 15 different cuts of fire roasted meats that will be brought to our table, sliced, and served by their gaucho chefs.

Before we got up, table appetizers were placed on our table. The Pão De Queijo (warm cheese bread). I probably may have eaten a basket of that. So to people who are saying I came back from US fatter, I am telling you the reasons why!

The other table appetizers: Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Crispy Hot Polenta, Caramelized Bananas, Rice and Black Beans. ( Everything is refillable! )

Those fresh mozzarella balls were TDF! My absolute favorite of all the meats was the Lombo. It was pork loin encrusted with Parmesan cheese. The Picanha or the prime part of the sirloin was not bad either.

The wall mural of the restaurant made us feel we were in some cozy village house eating delicious meats and other heartwarming food.

The Churrascaria dinner was $48.50 per person. Before leaving the restaurant, Garcia insisted we take as much chocolate as we want from this bowl. Now that's what I call GOOD SERVICE!

Have A Lovely Day!

Fogo De Chao
360 E. Flamingo Road,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169
Tel. (702) 4314500


  1. very interesting rules! did you have to lie down?:D

    1. Garcia was just kidding when he said about us lying down on the floor and resting. :D Again, you can see us eating a lot of meats. :)


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