Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Marketplace at Macy's SF

I am not the type who always want to eat at expensive fine dining restaurants. In fact, whenever I travel, I prefer to just eat at food courts found at shopping malls. They're cheap; I can find every cuisine I am craving for at that moment; and there are a lot of stalls to choose from. Oh, another important fact is I don't have to worry about getting sick because everything they will be serving is clean.

Marketplace, a 5000 square foot showplace located at The Cellar / 1st Floor of Macy's Union Square. I wanted to eat pizza or pasta but my mom wouldn't let me. She said we will eat REAL FOOD this time around which means we will eat RICE and ULAM ( viand ). Nyeh!

The perfect choice for that would be SC Asian. "A fresh new approach to fast-casual full service dining, featuring dynamic dishes from all across Asia."

The place still looks like a food court because you need to order here and pay at the end where a cashier is placed.

But the dining area looks like a cool restaurant with awesome interior.

Hot and Sour Soup $3.50, Asian Chicken Noodle $3.50, Fried Rice $7.75

Five Spice Ribs $8.00, Vegetable Spring Rolls $6.25, Chicken Teriyaki Burger $9.00, Crab Cake Hand Rolls $9.00

The cool soda dispenser.

My sister and I had Jamba Juice with our late lunch.

We ended our fantastic meal with everyone getting a scoop of Chunky Monkey!

Have A Lovely Day!

Marketplace At Macy's Union Square
170 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


  1. whoah, this looks amazing. like a food heaven :D and chunky monkey.. I'm at no words :D love it

    1. You like chunky monkey too?? It's the best Ben and Jerry's flavor for me!!! Again you are at awe we ate too much meat and no veggies at all? :D

  2. wwwwwwwahhhhh, the food looks so yummy!!your food post always makes hungry! nakasira ng diet ha~!lolz, kasi after reading, it would made me grab a donut or sandwich....haha..

    1. Hahaha. Ako sirang sira na ung diet ko sa mga yan! Sa huli ang pagsisi ngayon na nasa Pinas na ako :D So think before you chew! hahahahaha!


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