Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Sunday at Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila

Last Sunday the parents attended a wedding event. The baby sister flew to China with her friends while the companion was still in Singapore with his family. So basically I was home alone.

I don't like being cooped in our house on a Sunday because it's too depressing.

I was given an overnight stay at Maxims Hotel so I quickly called all the girls and told them to pack their overnight bags because we will have a staycation at a fabulous hotel. Everyone except KD declined because of their early Monday work schedule. KD, on the other hand agreed to go with me provided I return her to her place at 6:30 am the next morning. So we had about 16 hours of time left to do whatever.

We definitely spent those precious hours on food, relaxation, and fun!

While the companion was in Singapore watching F1, dining at fancy schmancy restaurants, and swimming at the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands...

KD and I were sipping welcome drinks at the 5th floor lobby of Maxims Hotel while waiting to be checked in..

Since we got there at 1pm, the receptionist told us our room of twin beds was not yet ready but if we would happily settle for a king size bed, we can check in at that precise moment. We said we'll wait because we want beds of our own. Well.. just ask KD why she doesn't want to sleep by my side! :D While waiting we decided to have lunch at Parmigiano which KD has never tried before.

We shared a Halibut Al Forno ( baked Halibut fillet with Parmigiano Reggiano crust ) and a Tre Salsiccia Pizza ( Prosciutto Cotto, Pepperoni, Sausage, tomatoes and Mozzarella ).

At exactly 2pm, we went back and was given our room key.

I've already stayed here last Christmas with my entire family so I know the room is super big complete with amazing amenities.

Yes, we took home every single one of these!

We relaxed first and let our food go down our tummies. KD studied while I used the free wifi to surf the internet.

The flat screen tv inside the room has about 50 free movies you can choose from. It can also be used as a computer. KD made us cups of tea. The bottom left picture is the computer you can use to call butler service.

We planned on hanging out at the infinity pool right after we..

Do some running at the gym!

We worked out for about an hour or so.

After, we went to the spa to use the sauna for muscle relaxation.

Wow! We felt like we lost tons of weight! And because of the endorphins produced by our bodies, we felt super giddy!

Someone told me your body still burns calories after a workout. So after our sauna, we didn't even took a bath and just changed clothes. We hastily went back to Newport to grabbed dinner to be eaten in our room. For drinks, I got my favorite cup of Lemon Yakult drink from Serenitea while KD got a double shot of espresso from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ( she was planning to study again that night ). For dinner we decide to get those delicious Starbucks sandwiches but to our dismay the store did not have any left.

So we just entered our forever restaurant option when nobody want to suggest a food place to eat at, the UCC.

We had rice galore thinking we earned the right to eat as much as we like because of the calories we burned that afternoon. I had Hamburg Rice Casserole and KD had a plate of Hamburg Curry Rice

In case you are wondering, we loss approximately 150 calories from running but ate like a minimum of 800 calories for dinner! What the heck right?! We'll eat like a man when nobody is watching. :P

After dinner, we went back to our room and soaked ourselves in a bubble bath.

We were supposed to watch The Bridesmaid movie but after 5 minutes of playing it, KD AS USUAL fell asleep. She without a doubt, slept like a baby.

The end.

Have A Lovely Day!


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