Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hong Kong Shopping Haul

Good morning my sweet readers!

It's shopping haul time!!

Check out some of the things I got from Macau and Hong Kong.

Some of the things I got at H&M:

The last time I was in Hong Kong which was early May of this year, I saw this fabulous skirt just being released. I didn't get any because for the original price, I thought it wasn't worth getting. Now that I saw the sequin skirt again at more than half of its price off, I definitely had to get one! The moral of the story is Patience is a Virtue. Lol.

 As you all know I am not an accessory wearer type of person but my sister forced me to get this beautiful beaded necklace. I also got a plain black belt.

 Hot pink trousers. There's a shorts version of this but I chose a trouser just to get something different this time around.

I just love wearing burgundy during Christmas so I'm starting to stock up clothes with that color.

  Face masks from Sasa. They are all MOP 7 each.

 It was buy 1 take 1 of this Face Shop Herb Clear Lip & Eye Make-up Remover at Colormix.

Things I got at Daiso ( Everything at MOP14 ):

Some of the clothes I got at Sun Star City Shopping Mall:
 Sheer neon robe for MOP99

Super adorable red dotted poncho for MOP69

 Skull dress for MOP120

A cute jelly bear coin purse from mommy. I think she bought this in Zhu Hai.

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. bring some stuff & sell it here! hehe (:

    1. Nyek! I don't think people will buy from me :D

  2. Ugh, that mint colored
    bear coin purse is
    just to cute!
    I love your haul c:


    1. haha! the coin purse is cheap too! about $2.00 :P


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