Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zuppa Cafe at One Archer's Place

When KD got back from her LONG trip to Japan, a dinner with her was a must.

It was important for me to meet up with her because I missed her terribly... NOT! :D

I was simply excited to collect my pasalubongs!

KD by the way is a faculty member of DLSU. She's always busy so the only way I can see her is to go back to my alma matter and have a meal with her there.

I arrived at Lasalle Taft around 7:30ish so KD suggested we head to One Archer's Place for more food options. Let me first give you a quick tour of the places still open at that time.


 I had my favorite Mango QQ Drink! KD ordered a tea something drink.

After ordering our drinks we finally chose to just enter this place because all the other eateries were closing up.

This cafe brought back old college memories. Back then we ate at cheap restaurants with oily menus just like this one. The meals served were annoyingly full of rice and with a tiny amount of meat. I had a feeling this place was just going to be like that.

I was RIGHT!!! I had BULGOGI GOGO P125. The description says it's sweet marinated beef with beansprouts and sesame seeds on soy rice. I was taken aback when the dish turned out to be so spicy ( I have no tolerance for spicy food ). I just chewed all the beef and swallowed them with a big gulp of my Mango drink and left the rice alone.

KD had Milkfish Steak P140. It's Bangus fillet steak topped with onions and a special soy lemon sauce on garlic rice - according to the menu. What garlic rice? What onions?

Anyway I was not entirely disappointed because I was expecting all of those. At less than P150 per meal, what more are you asking for?

Thank you KD!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. heyyy I know Zuppa!! :) they started with a stall across UA&P (my alma mater naman) and I loveeee their Pesto Rice! I wonder if its still good :) from UA&P, they moved to Eastwood then they disappeared. Now I know where to find them. :)

    1. One word about this place = MAKANIN! hahahha :D
      Kids with high metabolism can eat here just fine!

  2. Wow this is really a mouth watering food hopping around Taft! You can also find one of the best restaurants here Best restaurants in Taft


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