Monday, September 10, 2012

Outfit Post # 45

 denim vest: FOREVER21 // denim shorts: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH //
shoes: H&M // tote bag: GOYARD

Auntie Christine, the companion, and I traveled to Tagaytay Highlands over the weekend to unwind and eat. Since I only had 5 minutes to packed, I threw in a couple of shorts and easy to wear tops ( I was informed of this trip 5 minutes before they fetched me ). This was one of the outfits I was able to create with the things I brought. I decided to try a denim on denim combo. Not bad right? It kinda look like a short denim jumpsuit. Anyway, I also want to show you my pride and achievement! I caught 2 good sized fishes!

I got a Tilapia fish which we grilled that night. Pardon the companion's thumb! lol

I also caught a colorful Kingfish!

My icky face when the fish tried to move.

Will post more of our weekend trip soon!

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. Cute Photos! Love the Lipstick you wear on the first Pics :)

    Have a happy Monday :)

    1. Thanks LoveT! That's Mac Ruby Woo.
      Have A Lovely Day too! :P

  2. wow that kingfish taste yummy...

    1. Hi Anon! I believe the kingfish would have tasted good if only we were allowed to cooked it. :D They said they still want the kingfishes to multiply so we cannot take them. boo :D

  3. I am a man and, to my eyes, a jumpsuit is always sexier than separate pieces.


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