Monday, September 03, 2012

Destination: MACAU & HONG KONG (Part 1)

As you all know, last August 20 to 24, my family and I went for a short trip to Macau and Hong Kong. We spent about 3 days in Macau. My baby sister and I also went on a day trip to Hong Kong while the parents went to Zhu Hai.

Here is my show and tell about the trip!

*Photo Heavy*

Day 01. We took Airasia's cheap flight to Macau. It costs approximately P5,000 but you have to fly from Clark and the departure time is 7 at night. This sum also includes 20kg of baggage weight for the round trip. 

What we like about Macau is bus transportation to hotels, sea harbors, and the airport are all free. So upon arrival we took the Holiday Inn Taipa shuttle bus going to our hotel for the next 5 days. This is the reception area.

The lobby area.

Impressive garden but for me, MGM still has the best in house garden design of all the hotels in Macau.

There are two Holiday Inn Hotels in Macau. One is found in Macau which we stayed at the first time we went to the country last 2006 or 2007. The hotel was small, a bit dirty looking and smelly. The newest one which just opened early this year is located in Taipa. According to a magazine, this hotel's facade is the most beautiful of all Holiday Inns found all over the world.

Nice big room with comfortable amenities.

Day 02. The next day we went to Venetian to have brunch. Holiday Inn has a free shuttle to that hotel so no need to get a cab. We got a lot of food because there were so much choices. My sister was craving for Korean tteokbokki so she got a plate of that.

I had my usual favorite of Fatburger's Cheeseburger.

Also got a bowl of pork mushroom balls and seaweed soup from this Taiwanese booth.

We washed those down with large cups of Boost fresh fruit drinks.

You can definitely spend the entire day shopping, eating, or just chilling here.

There are endless of cool stores to window shop upon.

Another cute detail is adorable performers stroll around the hotel. If you catch them performing, don't be shy to have a photo with them.

Something for the kids and the kids at heart.

We only spent half the day at Venetian and went to Senado Square that afternoon because I wanted to show my family all the favorite places I go to every time I'm in Macau. This is my favorite afternoon tea and snacks place. This is the famous Margaret's Eggtart place. The owner, Margaret, is the ex wife of the owner of Lord Stow.

Beside Margaret's is this Sang Lei canteen which serves the best Polo Pao / Pineapple Bun.

We had Polo Pao, cold milk teas, and bowls of noodles with stewed beef and soft tofu. Yummy!

If you want to take the bus going to Senado Square just take the bus 3 or 10. Bus fare is MOP3.40. Prepare the exact because no change will be returned in you have more. This is my favorite fashion mall in Macau. For more details on how to go there just click this.

Of course I had to take my baby sister here for more cheap junk shopping.
Click this to see what are inside.

After all the shopping comes a little touring. The last time my sister was here was last 2006 or 2007 so I had to take her back to the famous St Paul Ruins. The obligatory tourist shot!

For dinner time we opt to have a LIGHT meal of congee because we consumed a lot of oily foods that entire day. We went to Lok Kei. There's no bus to take you directly there so better take a cab and show the calling card I posted down below.

We had Dry Wonton Noodles, Meatball Congee, Fried Wonton and Fishballs, Stewed Pork Intestine and Stewed Fishballs ( A Must Order! ), and Chicken Feet and more Pork Intestines. Yeah.. This is what we call a light meal.. :D

Click here for Part 2 and Part 3.

To be continued..

Have A Lovely Day!

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