Sunday, September 16, 2012

The King and I at Newport Performing Arts Theater

Happy weekend everyone! Last Friday we were invited to watch the premiere night of The King and I at Resorts World Manila. Before I tell you what I think about the highly anticipated musical, let me show you the grand and festive pre-show cocktail party we had at the Atrium.

The cast of The Sound Of Music serenaded the entire 2 hour cocktail party. Cris Villongco was an absolute delight. Her mighty but sweet voice caught everyone's attention.

 Lots of people dressed to the nines excited to see the show.

The Buffet Spread:

 Since the play's setting is Siam, Thailand, the food served that night were spicy and full of flavor Thai food.

My beautiful date KD and I sipping our Rose Champagne. Sosyal!

 At around 7:30 the ushers began to tell the guests to go up to the theater because the show will start promptly at 8.

 Well, the show actually started at quarter to 9.

Here's my short review about the show. The setting no doubt wanted to impress the viewers. The costumes designed by Rajo Laurel were appropriately good as well. As for the story and the script, they were a bit dragging to the point of boring..

Even the kids seated around us fell asleep while watching.

I have seen all the shows produced by RWM. When I watched The Sound of Music it was enthralling. The story was fast paced and you can really understand where the story was heading. The King and I on the other hand, all I can remember about it was the King who kept saying " etcetera etcetera etcetera" and the other casts trying to say funny lines but they weren't really picked up by the audience. 

So during the 15 minute intermission, we went out and never came back.

We went straight to UCC Cafe and had supper. Inside the cafe, we spotted a mayor, a handful of guests, and Audrey Zubiri along with her daughter and sister, who all came out from the play and never returned.

I'm not saying don't watch it. Maybe, it's not just our cup of tea.

KD slept like a baby almost the entire half of the musical! :D

Have A Lovely Day!


  1. gosh lovely! nakakahiya you had to announce that i slept through half of the half that we watched. haha.

    but then in my defense, i came from more than 36 hours of no sleep from checking papers. :)

    1. HA HA HA!!!!
      Buti I didnt take any ninja shots of you sleeping and posted them here.
      I was tempted to do that..
      but then there are a thousand of pupils thinking highly to you..
      dont want them to know you're a musical sleeper! :p

  2. Thank you for your most honest review. I was able to watch it last night with my 8-year-old daughter and didn't really enjoy the show. My daughter almost fell asleep, but the man seated on my left did fall asleep, as well as the man behind me.

    1. Hahahaha! Thanks for taking time to comment <3 <3 <3


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